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Working together to prepare our guests for re-entry to the workforce

The Workforce Development Program (WFD) is an integral part of the Transitional Employment Program (STEPS). We all work together to stabilize, support and inspire our guests. The Workforce Development Program includes soft skill and technical (hard) skill development. We use a combination of instruction, classroom discussion, videos, readings and activities to provide all participants with a practical understanding of how to apply their learning in real time to get, thrive in, and keep a job.

“In my internship, I learned integrity, which is doing the right thing without anyone watching.”

Workforce Development Graduate

Soft Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence – what it is and why it is important, including an understanding of the benefits of emotional regulation and empathy
  • Values and Goal Setting – what are values and goals, how can they be used to stay focused and motivated
  • Communications – the application of emotional intelligence, importance of listening, communicating with clarity and agency, working with others, receiving feedback, having a growth mindset
  • Mindfulness – calming the mind, being present in the moment

Technical Skills and Tools

  • Basic Computer Literacy – in collaboration with the Tech Lab
  • Job Search and Completing Applications – using the internet, Indeed, St. Anthony’s & Other Job Banks
  • Resume and Cover Letter – documenting past work history, crafting to particular jobs
  • Interviewing Skills – handling the tough questions, including mock interviews
  • Financial Literacy – in collaboration with 5 Buckets Foundation

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