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Common Questions

Am I eligible to apply for the Transitional Employment (STEPS) Program?

A person can be referred to STEPS by their probation officer, a manager of a sober living house, through a current employee or through an outside partner agency. Eligibility requirements include: five months of sobriety with a letter of reference from a Sponsor or care provider, positive attitude and willingness to complete all program requirements, and a demonstrated interest in retaining full-time employment at St. Anthony’s or an external partner.

How can I be considered for STEPS?

The first step for anyone is to fill out the Interest Form found here on our website.

What happens after I fill out the Interest Form?

A member of the STEPS team will review your information within three days. The best candidates with fully completed forms including contact information will receive a phone call or email setting up an appointment for a short phone interview. The interview will include a conversation about your interests, strengths, abilities and attitude. It will last about 15 minutes.

If the phone interview goes well, then what?

If St. Anthony’s decides to move ahead with your application, you will be invited to formally apply for STEPS through our Human Resources Department. A link to our job bank and the specific job title will be provided.

If the STEPS Team member thinks you would benefit from additional training before you formally apply for a job, you will be referred to sign up for our 1-week Job Readiness Workshop which runs once a month.

I have applied online. What happens next?

Your online application will be reviewed by our Human Resources Department. If it is complete and your skills match the minimum requirements of the job, you will be invited to a 15-minute phone interview with a representative from the Human Resources department. Based on the phone interview, one of three things will happen:

  • You will be referred to the Hiring Manager for an interview.
  • You will be referred to Additional Training.
  • Your application will be added to the Applicant Pool, and remain active for six months. After six months, you can reapply if still looking for a job.
I had a great interview with the Hiring Manager. What happens next?

The hiring manager will make a hiring decision. If you qualify for the position and do well in the interview, the manager will reach out to you to discuss a mutual working agreement or contract*. Once this is signed, a conditional offer will be extended and reference and background checks will begin. After satisfactory reference checks and a background check, the candidate will receive a formal offer.

The hiring manager may decide not to offer you a position and may encourage you to reapply once you have enrolled in additional job-readiness training at St. Anthony’s. In this case your application will be added to the Applicant Pool for six months.

I’ve been hired! What happens next?

You will be contacted and congratulated. You will then be sent a packet of information on line that you must fill out to begin the process. If you do not have an email address or need help filling it out, you are more than welcome to schedule a time to work with a member of our HR or STEPS team. We can answer your questions, give you a tour of St. Anthony’s and finish up all the paper work.

OK. I completed all my paperwork and I haven’t been given an orientation date and time yet. What’s going on?

First of all, congratulations. You already have done a lot just to get here. That speaks volumes about who you are and what you want for your future. Orientation is a one day event that covers everything from dress codes, sexual harassment classes, how to clock in and out, de-escalation techniques and a complete overview of what the next year will look like. You will also be assigned a job coach, be given a listing of the classes you will be taking, and a schedule to meet your immediate supervisors depending on availability of positions.

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