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What is Transitional Employment?

St. Anthony’s Transitional Employment Program takes a holistic approach in preparing individuals for re-entry to the workforce. As a values-based organization in the Tenderloin, we meet people where they are in their journey, knowing that often life challenges can become barriers to meaningful employment and financial well-being. That’s why we offer our services with lots of compassionate support, while building skills, resilience, and resumes.

“Transitional employment opens a door that might not be open for somebody who had doors of opportunity slammed in their face because of their past.”

Bryan Young, St. Anthony’s Chief Talent Officer

A Path to Stability

At St. Anthony’s we strive to provide individuals with stability and create a society in which all persons flourish. This includes supporting physical and mental health, assisting with safe and affordable housing, spiritual support, and a pathway to a livable wage through job training and placement.

We envision a more prosperous city where barriers to employment are eliminated, and every member of the community is empowered with dignity through meaningful work. 

Through expanding Transitional Employment, we will create employment opportunities and provide job readiness for members of our community seeking to rebuild from addictions, homelessness, and incarceration. 

St. Anthony’s employs values in every exchange with our clients. Our values are integrated into every aspect of what we do; Transitional Employment is aligned with our desire to provide resources that support St. Anthony’s Stability Framework. Transitional Employment is an important element of stability.

How it Works

As a participant in our program, you will become part of the St. Anthony’s community and have an entire team of people on your side, providing resources and rooting for your success.


Candidates are referred by a probation officer, sober living manager, current employee, or outside partner agency.


Candidates fill out an online assessment form. Phone screens will be set up for the best candidates.


Following a successful 15-minute phone interview, candidates will be invited to formally apply.


If necessary, candidates will be offered additional training as needed.


Candidates will be referred to the Hiring Manager for an interview.

If the initial process does not end in a Transitional Job Placement, candidates will stay in the Applicant Pool and will remain active for six months. After six months, candidates can reapply if still looking for a job.

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