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St. Anthony’s Leadership Council positively impacts those in need and the Tenderloin community by raising funds in support of our key strategic initiatives. The focus of the Leadership Council through 2024 is to raise, through annual donations of $10,000 and above, $16,000,000 in support of the Companionship Model of Care.

St. Anthony’s values are brought to life by Leadership Council Members who provide the extra margin of excellence needed to meet our essential mission.

For more information about the Leadership Council, contact Marti Sullivan, msullivan@stanthonysf.org, (415) 592-2735

Individual Leadership Council 2023 & 2024

Elaine Adamson              

Anonymous (8)

Janet and Bruce Allen

Carla Asuka      

Sheri and Joe Atteridge    

David Sheff and Karen Barbour

Maria Bartoletti             

Joachim Bechtle              

Brenda Beckett              

Linda and Nils Behnke

Ileana Bergman

JoAnn and Jack Bertges  

Terese Bommarito     

Lorraine Bosche              

Tom Braje      

Tere and Barry Brown       

Norm Buckhart              

Maria Canova                          

Robert Carabine              

Julia Castagnetta

Nancy Catena              

Maria and Kenny Chin

Ann Claesgens             

Mary Constant              

Margaret Conti

The Ron Conway Family                       

Deirdre Coyne


John Crawford              

Maryann Cutone              

L. John and Ann Doerr              

Charleen Duke              

Rhanda and Tim Dunn

Dana and Robert Emery              

Mary Escalle 

Lisa Faria and Thomas Wanchura            

Susan Taylor and Robert Fabry                   

F. Fetzer              

Jorge and Carrie Figueredo     

Antonio Galletto        

Joseph and Beverly Giraudo

Louis and Suzanne Giraudo              

Anthony Gnazzo              

Detlef and Gudrun Goette              

John and Marcia Goldman              

Michael Goldsmith              

Janice Goode              

Bernice Gotelli   

Jane and Simon Hallett          

Kaye and Richard Heafey              

Carolyn Helser    

Stephanie and Roger Hochschild         

Amanda and Vince Hoenigman



Mary Shea Hunt and Thomas Hunt              

Lyn and Harold Isbell              

David Johnson              

Michael and Elaine Kaplan

David Kieffer

Peggy and Joe Koman    

Greg Krodel

Caroline La Fontaine        

Marie and Barry Lipman              

Laurel Lyman    

Douglas and Shawn Mackenzie              

Junko Matsubara

Catherine Garzio and Martin Mattes     

Martha McDaniel

Monica McGuire              

Gladyne Mitchell              

Cristina and Robert Morris

Maija Muncy

Karen and Sergio Nibbi

Laura and Michael Nibbi             

Anna Nicora              

Joan O’Connor              

Christine Motley and Neil O’Donnell              

Dennis and Karen O’Keefe              



Helen O’Leary              

Eric Gard and Rhona O’Leary              

John Sheridan and Kathleen O’Rourke      

Philip and Carla Reed              

Edward Lee and Rhonda Righter

Brian Riley              

Bobbie Ritchie              

Arthur Rock and Toni Rembe Rock   

Jennifer Braun and Raymond Ryan  

Kathleen and Henry Salvia

Geraldine and James Sangiacomo                     

Albert Klail and Frances Scott 

David and Lenelle Smith            

Mark and Mary Stevens      

Joseph and Mary Toboni              

Irene Unsinn              

Elizabeth and Greg Vaughan              

Michael and Jeanne Vonnegut              

Beryl Voss              

Jessica Wetstone              

Diane Wilsey              

Barbara Wolfe

For more information about Corporate Leadership Giving click here.

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