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The Health Care Debate Continues …

73807521… and so do the opportunities for advocacy!

Today is the big day — the day that the Senate begins debate on its version of health care reform legislation.  Regular blog readers may recall that the House of Representatives passed HR 3692, the Affordable Healthcare for America Act, on November 7.   Now, the ball is in the Senate’s court, and their debate has begun!

The Senate’s version of healthcare reform legislation is called the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.   The Senate must reach 60 votes in order to pass this legislation.  Sticking points include the “public option“, health care affordability for people with very low incomes, an employer responsibility provision, and the inclusion of immigrants.

If you’d like to tell your Senator what you think is important in health care reform legislation, visit the Website of Network: A Catholic social justice lobby.  They have an easy-to-use form that makes it simple to contact your Senators about health care reform.

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