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IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) allow donors, 70 ½ or older, to make gifts today to charity from their IRA.  QCDs are made directly from the donor’s IRA account to a qualified public charity. Qualified Charitable Distributions count toward a donor’s required minimum distribution or RMD.  By reducing taxable income, QCDs can lower a donor’s tax bill and may help donors avoid Medicare surcharges.  And, as IRA QCDs pass tax-free to charity, 100% of your gift to St. Anthony’s can be used to provide hope to those who need it most.

Legacy IRA Distributions

As traditional IRAs are taxed differently than other assets, they can become a tax liability when inherited.  Designating St. Anthony’s as a full or partial beneficiary of your IRA can reduce or eliminate this liability for your heirs.  You can name St. Anthony’s on the beneficiary designation form and designate the percentage of your IRA you wish to leave as a legacy gift.

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