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Departing CEO, Nils Behnke, Encapsulated the Essence of Franciscanism

December 14, 2023

On Sunday, December 10, 2023, we gathered to honor Nils Behnke, our esteemed outgoing CEO, during a heartfelt mass of thanksgiving at St. Boniface Church, followed by a warm reception at Hibernia Bank. In his farewell speech, he reflected on his transformative journey at St. Anthony’s. He expressed deep gratitude for his time with us, starting as a pro bono consultant and evolving into a profound commitment, inspired by conversations with Father John and others.

Nils highlighted the unique authenticity and faith he found within the Franciscan community. He celebrated the seamless integration of Franciscan values with professional excellence, proudly stating that never once did scientific best practices clash with our values. This, he noted, was a testament to the organization’s commitment to doing what is truly right.

In conclusion, Nils addressed the challenges of openly embracing faith, especially during the pandemic, stating it was a gift that helped articulate and reinforce the organization’s core beliefs. He expressed his confidence in the organization’s future and gratitude for the journey and the things he accomplished at St. Anthony’s, concluding, “I have full confidence and faith that it will continue on.” His speech was a testament to the impact St. Anthony’s had on his life and the personal transformation he experienced during his tenure. His legacy will leave a lasting impact for many years to come.

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