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Opening Up a World of Opportunity: St. Anthony’s is Blessed with a Gift from AT&T

December 6, 2023

In a recent heartwarming development, our organization proudly received a significant $20,000 contribution from AT&T, a gesture that speaks volumes about their commitment to social responsibility. This donation is a lifeline for the Tenderloin Tech Lab (TTL), empowering us to enhance our facilities, enrich educational resources, and expand support services.

The TTL is a beacon of hope and opportunity, often operating at full capacity. It’s a sanctuary where people engage in diverse activities – from seeking a safe haven to honing technical skills, gaining valuable knowledge, crafting resumes, applying for jobs, and maintaining essential communication with loved ones. 

Why does AT&T invest so substantially in our cause? We recently met with Cammy Blackstone, AT&T’s Director of External Affairs, to find out. Through our conversation, we gained insights into their deep-rooted commitment to community welfare and support. 

Cammy emphasized, “Our giving targets predominantly underserved, under-represented, and low-income communities. AT&T’s philanthropy focuses on digital inclusion, literacy, and learning, connecting today’s learners with the necessary skills and opportunities for success in both academics and life.” This philosophy aligns perfectly with TTL’s mission, making AT&T’s support not just generous but also impactful.

When discussing the critical role of technology in aiding society’s most vulnerable, Cammy highlighted, “In a world where everything is increasingly online, lack of tech access is a significant handicap. Connectivity opens doors to new possibilities, transforming everyday life.” She underscored the digital divide – the stark contrast between those with and without access to digital tools. “For the vulnerable, navigating resources physically can be challenging. Technology bridges this gap efficiently and effectively,” she added. Cammy also pointed out technology’s transformative power in battling isolation, enhancing education, and unlocking employment opportunities.

AT&T’s vision extends beyond just bridging the digital divide. Their global efforts focus on uplifting communities, environmental conservation, and providing crucial support in emergencies and disasters. 

We at St. Anthony’s are immensely grateful for this partnership with AT&T. This collaboration not only addresses immediate needs but also opens up a world of opportunities through technology – fostering connections, enhancing access to services, and significantly improving the quality of life for many. Our shared mission with AT&T paves the way for a brighter future, and we eagerly anticipate the continued positive changes in our community, driven by this powerful alliance.

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