Data Served Daily: Dining Room Survey Results

Dining Room SurveyA new survey of our guests has shown that they are significantly older, more isolated, more frequently homeless, and more likely to be female than in previous years:

The proportion of female guests has risen to 26% (from 12% in 2011), the share of seniors has risen to 33% (from 20%), and 46% of guests are homeless (up from 37%).

Our new Dining Room was designed to be a safe, clean place where guests can eat, relax and chat with our community. The results suggest we’ve achieved our goal: 97% say our Dining Room is a warm and welcoming environment.

This data allows us to understand in more detail what’s happening in our community. We’ll use it to better meet our guests’ needs in the present and adjust our services to plan for the future.

Check out the full results here.

Coordinating Passion and Power for All to Flourish

On December 3, we were honored to welcome the Honorable Edwin Lee, Mayor of San Francisco, to St. Anthony’s. Mayor Lee wanted to announce a new initiative from his office to deal with the problem of homelessness in the city.

As I told the group gathered when welcoming them, those of us who work daily with people who are homeless know that the greatest burden of their predicament is the isolation and exclusion they experience. So we were thankful that the Mayor was coming to the Tenderloin to make his announcement. Those of us who are committed to addressing this persistent issue also know that we should not see “the homeless” as the problem. Those who are homeless are our brothers and sisters. The problem is our problem as a community—a community with incalculable resources but one that cannot structure our economy, align our resources or redistribute our wealth in ways to benefit all.

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Back-to-School Day!

Back-to-school 2The first day of school is fast approaching and for many families this means a shopping trip to get a new backpack, school supplies and a fresh new set of clothing. However for many families in San Francisco, especially those that visit St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program, these shopping trips are simply not a financial reality. 81 percent of the families that utilize the services at our Free Clothing Program live at or below the federal poverty line, and the average monthly income for families that utilize these services is $1,441.20. When a family has to pay for rent, medical costs, food, and other bills, it doesn’t leave much behind in the budget to spend on getting the essentials for school. Therefore, we see a lot of families using our Free Clothing Program during this time of year. read more…

Fogust: St. Anthony’s Has You Covered

You’re invited to join St. Anthony’s brand-new Young Professionals Council at Fogust, a celebration and exploration of all the feelings that unite us as San Franciscans.

Test your knowledge of San Francisco social justice issues in a pub quiz, grab a drink, take pictures in our photo booth, and write a first-day-of-school note to a child who will receive a backpack and school supplies at St. Anthony’s Back to School event — all while soaking in the amazing Mission Rock view.

The event is pay what you like! Any ticket option will get you in and includes one beer and tote bag.

Come out and meet others interested in the ways their community is changing, while getting to know an organization passionate about making San Francisco a place where all people can flourish.

Thank you to our generous hosts at Mission Rock Resort who will be offering our guests an optional $20 brunch buffet. See you there!

Eventbrite - Fogust: St. Anthony's Has You Covered

Fogust St. Anthony's Has You Covered Blog

38th Annual Penny Pitch and Raffle

What began in 1977 as a friendly wager between two watering holes has become a cherished San Francisco tradition and raised over one million dollars for St. Anthony’s. 

This year’s Penny Pitch raised nearly $80,000 to support San Franciscans living in poverty. Emceed by KNBR‘s dynamic duo “Murph & Mac,” the contest featured 36 teams vying for the coveted Penny Pitch trophy. Congratulations to veteran players Media Allstars for taking home the gold!

A special thank you to Janet & Pete Osborne of Momo’s and the 38th Annual Penny Pitch Host committee for organizing this lively event. Check out the photo album here.

St. Anthony's Penny Pitch at Momo's 2015-21

For the Veterans Who Gave All


On most days in St. Anthony’s Dining Room, you’ll find Cheryl singing tributes to the people she loves in the Tenderloin.  This past Monday – Memorial Day – her songs were replaced by quiet contemplation and thoughts of her late husband, a Veteran of World War II.  She held a small American Flag close to her heart, a remembrance for the sake of a song.

Cheryl was joined at the table by Henry, a Veteran from the Vietnam War era.  Despite the hustle and bustle around them – this is St. Anthony’s busiest day of the year – Henry’s thoughts, too, were of fellow soldiers no longer here to be honored on this day.  “Other people have other minds for festivities, but mine is focused on the Veterans who gave all.”

Memorial Day is a perfect storm in St. Anthony’s Dining Room.  People surviving on a modest fixed-income have run out of funds for the month and the federal holiday means other services are closed.  Add to the mix that many people in San Francisco have other things on their mind, namely the three B’s of Memorial Day:  Beaches, Barbeques, and Baseball.  Preparing for this meal is a herculean feat to accomplish for the chefs and regular volunteers who scramble to keep up with the dramatic rise in demand for meals; 4,000 meals to be exact, fourteen hundred higher than the daily average. read more…