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Pattern Energy: Powering Communities and Empowering Lives

May 14, 2024

At St. Anthony Foundation, we are grateful for the support and partnership of companies like Pattern Energy, a leader in the development, construction, and operation of high-quality renewable energy projects across North America. Their commitment to making a difference in local communities aligns with our mission to provide essential services, healthcare, and pathways to stability for those in need.

Lynda Mulvey, Work Experience Specialist at Pattern Energy, plays a crucial role in managing and coordinating events across their offices in San Francisco, Houston, San Diego, and Toronto. Her dedication to creating the best work environment possible for Pattern’s employees extends beyond the office walls and into the communities they serve.

Pattern Energy’s approach to community support is both local and lasting. They engage in sponsorships and donations for community events and causes while also developing long-term community benefits programs that create a lasting impact throughout the operational period of their projects. By empowering their site teams across North America to make independent sponsorship decisions based on their deep relationships and connections with local communities and organizations, Pattern Energy ensures that their support is tailored to the unique needs of each area.

When choosing nonprofit partners, Pattern Energy looks for meaningful organizations that offer multiple opportunities for engagement throughout the year. This approach led them to St. Anthony Foundation, where they have been actively involved for the past two years. “Pattern got involved about two years ago when we donated clothes and developed a relationship with Chloe,” Mulvey said. From donating clothes to working in our kitchen, creating women’s kits and backpacks, and donating toys, Pattern Energy’s employees have embraced the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. “The employees love it!” Mulvey further remarked.

One particularly inspiring project was the creation of unique Women’s Day kits, an initiative led by Pattern Energy’s affinity group Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE), during Women’s History Month. This year, all 27 of their corporate offices and wind farm sites participated in constructing and donating women’s kits to their local charities, showcasing their commitment to empowering women and supporting their local communities.

As our relationship with Pattern Energy continues to grow, we look forward to collaborating on more projects that address the needs of our community. Their proactive approach to creating volunteering events, combined with their generous donations of essential items and financial support, has been invaluable to our organization and the people we serve. “We have established a great relationship that makes it easy to concentrate on the local community,” Mulvey said.

St. Anthony Foundation is proud to partner with Pattern Energy, a company that not only powers communities through renewable energy but also empowers lives through their commitment to giving back. Together, we are working towards a brighter, more sustainable, and flourishing future for all.

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