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Children Plant Seeds of Hope, Stability, and Renewal on the Golden Gate Greenway

March 14, 2024

Wu Yee Children’s Services, a leading nonprofit, is committed to providing quality early childhood education and childcare to San Francisco’s diverse families and communities. Funded by government grants and private donations, Wu Yee advocates for every child’s right to an excellent education from the outset. Situated on the block of the proposed Golden Gate Greenway, Wu Yee’s Golden Gate Children’s Center, adjacent to De Marillac Academy, stresses the importance of outdoor play for children’s development. The launch of the Golden Gate Greenway initiative, led by St. Anthony’s and uniting a coalition of 20 nonprofits, was driven by the critical need for safe, accessible green spaces for the children in our neighborhood.

The Golden Gate Greenway, which is now supported by the city, envisions a children’s play space designed to cater to the developmental needs of Wu Yee’s children, providing a secure, lively environment for outdoor activities. This collaboration between Wu Yee and local partners aims to revolutionize our approach to urban play and learning. The absence of nearby recreational areas forces our children to navigate several challenging blocks to reach the nearest park. The Golden Gate Greenway represents a transformative step towards an ideal setup—integrating educational and playful interactions with nature right at their doorstep.

Starting on Tuesday, March 12, children will engage with the Greenway’s living plants every other Tuesday from 10:30-11:30 a.m., facilitated by Wu Yee staff and St. Anthony’s Community Safety Services (CSS). This initiative enhances our community’s fabric and sets a precedent for nurturing our children’s growth in harmony with their environment.

Your support helps ensure we have the resources to meet immediate needs and bring to fruition our future initiatives, such as the Golden Gate Greenway, an oasis in the Tenderloin that will benefit local families, especially children. Please help us continue to uplift the community by providing the safe space children need to be happy, healthy, and flourish in life by giving today.

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