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Helping the Poor

curbside.jpgEd. Note: This was written by a 10-year old boy who helped at our Curbside Donation last year. We think his first hand account of different ways to reach out to your community to extend your blessings during the holidays is stronger than any request we could make. We encourage you to invite your family, employers, your friends and acquaintances to participate in your holiday sharing efforts. There are so many that need your help—with a coat, a meal, clean socks, or a new toothbrush—and so many that want to give but don’t know where to begin. If you want some help in helping, please call 415-241-2700.

When I went to take in donations at St. Anthony’s, a few children had very special ways of getting donations. I will tell you about them.

One girl had her parents give her trash cans and put them at the fire station and the library. She would put a sign on each trash can saying, “Please put clothes in it.” After each day she went to the library and fire station to see what she had gotten. Then finally when the day came to drop them off, she had coats, socks, and shirts galore.

The next girl dropped off canned goods that were very heavy, (I was the one carrying it,) because of all the things she brought. What this girl did was she made flyers and handed them out to her neighbors and nailed them up against poles. On the sign it said bring them to this address, (I don’t know her address.) After the drive she took all the “profits” and put them in a cart and brought them to St. Anthony’s.

This boy collected bottles and cans around his neighborhood and took them back to his house. He exchanged them for $150. He and his family dropped off the money at St. Anthony’s. After I did the math, he gave money for 420 meals. Some of the people who work at St. Anthony’s said that last year he brought $100 and he said that next year he’s going to bring $200.

Think about all the people who are less fortunate than you are and any day, especially the holidays, to make a fund raiser to get food, clothes, or anything that will help. They need you.

Curbside Donation Program
We will be hosting our annual Curbside Donation Program from December 15-18 and December 22-23. Staff and volunteers in red jackets will be on had to accept donations of food, clothing, toiletries, and monetary contributions and issue receipts at 121 Golden Gate Avenue. Please call (415) 241-2700 for more information.

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