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Vote-by-mail ballots for the November 8 General Election are hitting mailboxes now.   St. Anthony’s is proud to provide nonpartisan voter registration and education information to our community, and we want to share some election resources that will make it easier to understand how our super-sized ballot relates to the issues that affect the lives of our guests and to our ability to promote a society where all can flourish.

The League of Women Voters Pros and Cons guides are a great resource, providing an unbiased overview of the ballot measures.  Their California guide is available here.  The San Francisco Public Press has a great nonpartisan guide to the 25 local propositions here.

Our local ballot contains quite a few propositions related to St. Anthony’s advocacy issue areas: housing/homelessness, health care, hunger, and work/income.  San Franciscans will be deciding whether to enact measures to:

Increase the sales tax and fund services for homeless people

• Create a fund for health and nutrition services for seniors and people with disabilities

• Enact a law prohibiting tents on public sidewalks

• Direct current hotel tax funding towards arts and family homelessness programs

• Require City Hall to solicit more bids in the construction or rehabilitation of affordable housing

• Raise the income limits for access to affordable housing

We have also put together our own analysis of the local ballot measures that relate to our advocacy issue areas, which is available here.

No matter your stance on this year’s election issues, we hope that you will register, vote, and make your voice heard!


  1. Thank you for posting! I’ll definitely be using this guide as I prepare to go to the polls.

  2. Too bad this is just San Francisco propositions. What about the state propositions?

  3. Was looking for your take – glad to find the link in my email today!


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