Caring at Christmas


Christmas is a time of festivities and appreciation of family, friends, and life’s blessings. At St. Anthony’s, we try to make sure our guests feel connected and contented over the holidays too.

Our Christmas celebration brings our tight-knit community together – here, everyone is welcome to join our table and eat a delicious meal in a warm, dignified environment.

This year we teamed up with the Indiana Hoosiers football squad to pass out gifts, serve meals, and share stories with our guests. Christmas lunch this year included chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie, and hot chocolate.

One of our guests, Leah, said, “At St. Anthony’s, Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s like your family doing something for you because they know you don’t have a lot of money.”

Thank you to everyone who helped make this celebration possible for our guests!