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Renewed Hope as Father Alfred Center Celebrates Another Graduation 

October 6, 2023

Juan G.’s graduation ceremony from the Father Alfred Center on October 5, 2023, marks his resilience over addiction. Fleet Week flyovers added a sense of gravity to a celebration that symbolized the dawn of a new chapter in Juan’s life, characterized by hope, stability, and renewal. The atmosphere was joyful as fellow program participants, loving family and friends, and representatives from St. Anthony’s and local governance gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Program Director, Ken L., set the tone for the ceremony by noting that the day marked not just an end but a profound new beginning for Juan. This sentiment was further echoed by District 6 Supervisor, Matt Dorsey, a beacon of hope himself. He passionately highlighted the indispensable role of the recovery community in addressing the city’s pressing drug overdose crisis, emphasizing, “It’s truly the recovery community that saves people’s lives.” 

Juan’s remarkable journey, filled with grace and a commitment to responsibility for himself and the world, embodies a spirit of hope and renewal. He steps out of Father Alfred Center carrying the story of courage and resilience to move through physical, mental, and emotional challenges and become a symbol of hope for others still suffering. 

The graduation signifies Juan’s continuation on the path towards a well-deserved “first-class life,” as aptly termed by Intake Coordinator, Justin T. We eagerly anticipate his reintegration into the broader community, where his presence will undoubtedly enrich the lives of those around him as he joins us in creating a community where all people flourish. 

St. Anthony’s Job Specialist, Joe Klocek, also recognized three third-phase residents at the ceremony (Victor M., Isaac T., and Alfred L.) for completing Workforce Development training. They are actively seeking employment. 

Third-phase resident Victor M. was one of the street performers who made 1980s San Francisco so unique! 
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