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Phoenix Day – Art in the Heart of the City

October 20, 2023

On Sunday, October 15, the streets of San Francisco came alive during the 3rd Annual Phoenix Day Block Parties throughout the city. This year’s Tenderloin neighborhood event took place on Ellis Street, hosted by Glide Church, where St. Anthony’s presented an art table to enlighten the community about the Golden Gate Greenway project.

Designed exclusively for residential block parties throughout the city that stretch a single block, the Phoenix Day Block Party transforms city streets into playgrounds every third Sunday of October. It’s an initiative that draws the San Francisco community together in a beautiful blend of enjoyment and well-being.

Under a canopy that protected from the hot October sun, St. Anthony’s invited community members of all ages to paint, in oil, their favorite outdoor activities on large square tiles. The art depicted the potential outdoor activities the Greenway project could allow on the block if approved.

The neighborhood children, brushes in hand, were adorable. But it was heartwarming to see adults diving into their artistic sides, too. The range of talent varied from novice strokes to detail that seemed impossible to have been created by such little hands. Clearly, the Tenderloin contains a treasure trove of budding, young artists.

Glide Church transformed the day into a carnival with lively music, energetic dancing, playful face painting, delicious hot dogs and popcorn, and even mesmerizing circus performers. Thank you to Glide for orchestrating this magical day! Our community is truly fortunate.

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