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New Year’s Resolution: Make It Count

And There It Went!

Each New Year we make resolutions and renew our commitments. In times of abundance we can make casual resolutions. In times of scarcity however, we look inward and resolve to take better care of those things closest to our hearts.

At St. Anthony’s we are resolving to find new ways to make services more efficient and donations stretch farther. We are streamlining operations and purchasing in bulk.

In your commitment to do more with less there are many ways to kick off the New Year:

  • Let St. Anthony’s guests benefit from your spring cleaning or hold a drive and gather clothes for the Free Clothing Program.
  • Signing up for a monthly giving plan is an easy way to contribute an amount that doesn’t hurt your budget.
  • Volunteering gets you directly involved in the work we do, and you can fiscally support the work and programs that you have taken part in.

You can even make last minute tax-deductible gifts online until 11:59 pm December 31st.

Let’s work together and make this new year a happier one for all San Franciscans.

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