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Greg’s Story

How is someone experiencing homelessness expected to pay $30,000 in taxes to the IRS? When St. Anthony’s guest Greg first visited our Tech Lab, he was deep in debt, newly unemployed, and had recently been evicted. He was struggling to keep up with the many curveballs life had thrown his way, and couldn’t find a way to balance it all.

It is difficult for individuals experiencing homelessness to maintain stability in their lives due to the uncertainty that surrounds their day-to-day necessities. Greg was able to find a tax attorney to help with his case, but he still lacked the resources to provide his attorney with the necessary information to proceed. St. Anthony’s Tech Lab provided access to a computer, internet, printing, faxing and scanning, all for free.

“The Tech Lab was fantastic,” Greg says. “The staff helped me send important documents to my attorney, sometimes by fax or other methods. You know, these are simple things but I had nowhere to access them, and they were what ultimately helped get me out of that debt.”

Over the course of a few months, Greg was able to provide his attorney with all the necessary documents, and consequently, the IRS reduced Greg’s penalties and outstanding debt from $30,000 to $300! Greg has since found affordable housing in San Francisco, paid off his debt, and is employed full-time again. Though he may no longer need the Tech Lab’s services, he won’t forget his friends on Golden Gate Avenue.

“The Tech Lab helped get me out of a really difficult period in my life,” Greg says.

We were honored to help!

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