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Elaine’s Story

A Gift to Ensure St. Anthony’s Future

Elaine Larkin

Elaine Larkin’s relationship with St. Anthony’s started almost 20 years ago after the passing of her husband. Feeling a need to have something new and meaningful in her life, she decided to try volunteering at St. Anthony’s, since a friend had warmly recommended her experience there. Larkin speaks of how it is a reality check on how fortunate she has been and how much she has to be grateful for. “It makes me want to do something for those less fortunate and whose daily existence is so challenging.”

Elaine arrived in San Francisco late 1975 after enjoying a career in the busy fashion world of New York City; first at Lord & Taylor and then at Vogue Magazine. After trying several jobs in San Francisco, she embarked on a 50-year career in residential real estate sales. Finally retiring as a referral agent last year to better enjoy her four young grandchildren, who live nearby with her daughter.

Larkin started volunteering in the St. Anthony dining room, part of the vast volunteer program created by Barbara Montagnoli many years ago. The resourcefulness with which the program has tried to carry on during the pandemic has been commendable. One of Elaine’s fondest memories from her years as a volunteer there is when her Thursday, dining-room volunteer group came up with the idea to hold a fundraising event for the first time, knowing how challenging it was to fund all the programs. At first, Executive Director, Father John Hardin was concerned about asking people for money in that way. But, when the gala raised almost one million dollars and was such a delightful event, he was sold. Since then it has been run by the administrative staff.

Elaine loves the feeling of respect that St. Anthony’s has for its volunteers and the population it serves. She says, “Its big credo is that the people coming to St. Anthony’s for help and support are, our guests.” They strive to create a welcome feeling, especially to those in need. And it is a great testament to the organization that so many people who have been helped in the programs return to work or volunteer in the organization.Larkin feels that any kind of contribution is put to such good use by St. Anthony’s. Consequently, that belief has led her to include them in her will, and she wishes she were able to do much more.

After a long work career, in addition to enjoying her grandchildren (many overnights), she has a passion for travel, reading, cooking, yoga and walks.

The St. Anthony’s Legacy Circle recognizes donors who sustain our mission to feed, heal, shelter, clothe, and life the spirits of those in need. By making St. Anthony’s part of their charitable legacy, Legacy Circle members provide hope to those who will need it most.

It makes me want to do something for those less fortunate and whose daily existence is so challenging.

Elaine Larkin

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