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Community Joins Together to Celebrate Six Men on Their Challenging Paths from Instability to Sobriety, Guided by St. Anthony’s Yearlong Father Alfred Center Recovery Program

February 2, 2024

This month’s graduation at the Father Alfred Center was a significant milestone for six graduates of the men’s substance abuse program: Lucas, Robert, John, Macadeo, Cornell, and Gustavo.

Support staff member Eddy Ledezma set a tone of humility and community, remarking, “We are here to celebrate a beautiful graduation. I had the honor of taking some of these guys hiking with me… it’s funny how they grow.”

The ceremony was emotionally charged as friends, family, and team members celebrated the diverse and unique paths of the graduates to recovery. This diversity underscores the program’s commitment to personalized care and the complexities of rehabilitation. The program measures success across ten key stability metrics, reflecting the varied challenges and stages of recovery each man faces.

The event featured prayers by Spiritual Director Brother Rick, welcoming remarks by Program Director Kenneth Lofton, alumni insights from Mike Cramer, and inspirational messages from former team member Ruth Selby. Their speeches emphasized the significance of each graduate’s story, with counselors sharing deep personal insights gained over the year. A graduate expressed his thanks, saying, “In this place, I found more than just guidance; I found a family. Each step I took was a step we took together,” highlighting the program’s collaborative spirit.

Employment Specialist Joe Klocek noted, “Every individual who walks through our doors brings a unique set of challenges. Tailoring our approach to meet their specific needs is what makes our program successful.” This personalized approach is a cornerstone of St. Anthony’s and demonstrates the organization’s effectiveness in achieving its mission.

The ceremony served as a poignant reminder of each individual’s potential for change and the profound impact of a program that addresses the complexities of rebuilding lives. As the event concluded, the graduates emerged as beacons of hope for new residents just starting out on their recovery journeys, each embodying the promise of a new beginning.

Special acknowledgment goes to Antonio, who was also honored at the event for progress to Phase 4 of the program. Antonio has committed to volunteering in the Free Clothing Program three times a week as he actively prepares for future employment while continuing his journey toward full and lasting stability.

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