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Veteran 2When you’re going on a job interview, appearance matters. It matters what suit you’re wearing and it matters how you look so you can make a good impression. However, for Veterans living in San Francisco, especially those who come to St. Anthony’s, that is not a financial reality. 2,700 Veterans in San Francisco live below the poverty line. With so little money to spend on other necessities (such as food, shelter etc.) items like purchasing new clothing for a job interview are simply not a reality.

As a way to give back to our Vets who have given so much to this country, we have partnered with public and private organizations to provide 50 Veterans with a brand new suit and haircut so they can walk a little taller and with confidence when applying for housing or a job. All suits are donated from Men’s Warehouse and all stylists will be providing professional haircuts.

Although we have already received many donations and contributions for this event, we are still in need of a few crucial items to make this event a smash hit! If you would like to donate, we are in need of the following items: men’s dress socks, men’s ties, and men’s dress shirts. You can drop off your donations to 121 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102 Monday-Sunday from 9am-2pm.

Written by Rochelle Reuter, Free Clothing Program Assistant Manager


  1. Hello, my father passed away on May 12th. He was a stockbroker for 30 years and has impeccable suits, ties, dress shirts and Italian leather dress shoes. Are you still collecting men’s clothes for veterans? I should also add my dad served in the US Navy as well and would be pleased to see these items put to good use. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Hello Jennifer,

      So sorry to hear about your father. Thank you so much for thinking of our guests to make great use his clothes. Our Free Clothing Program would gladly accept your gift. If you’d like, give them a call at 415-241-2600 or email and they’ll be happy to assist you.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Do you need suits as well? I have two suits.

    • Hello Matt,

      We would *love* to receive your suits. They’ll go to good use in our ‘suit room’ – where guests can get a complete set of clothes for job interviews. Donations can be dropped off at 121 Golden Gate Avenue – any staff member will be happy to help. Thanks again for thinking of us.

      St. Anthony’s

  3. In addition to suits, do you need additional clothing items such as winter coats? Would these all be dropped off at the Golden Gate Ave location?

    • Hi Michael – we certainly do need coats – they are a very popular item (especially at this time of year). Any staff member at 121 Golden Gate will be delighted to accept your donation and thank you in person. We appreciate you thinking of our guests!


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