“You’re not going in there just to get clean, you’re going in there to change your life.”

Many homeless people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, to further complicate those problems, many who have also been diagnosed with mental illness. In the absence of shelter, family, or even sufficient food, this can easily create a cycle of poverty, addiction, and homelessness. St. Anthony’s Father (Fr.) Alfred Center breaks this cycle by providing a residential recovery program to homeless men who are ready to build clean, sober, and stable futures.

Job Training Program

The Fr. Alfred Center’s year-long work-structured program empowers men with no income or resources with the tools to overcome addiction and the support to establish productive and healthy lives. The holistic treatment offered through St. Anthony’s multiple services is rare in the field of recovery, and allows the speedy assessment and resolution of clients’ medical, legal, vocational and educational needs, most or all of which have been affected profoundly by their cycles of poverty and addiction.

Engaging in the legacy work of providing a dignified meal to more than 2000 community members daily, Father Alfred Center residents participate in a six-month work experience which offers myriad opportunities to practice being at work, with others, and getting the job done well.  Men who have completed their six-month work experience partner with the Workforce Development team to reach individualized employment goals, some men returning to a previously held position, while others may venture into a new line of work or industry. The Workforce Development team supports the employment resiliency of job seekers, not just getting the next job: men in the program develop strengths and gain skills through an intensive orientation, including Food Handler certification, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions, vocational and personal goal-setting, and strengths-based approaches to mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-compassion.  Through active job search and community partnerships, men gain employment in short- and long-term positions and upon completion of the program, almost all graduates have stable employment and housing.

Alumni participation and the aftercare component of Fr. Alfred Center are supports that help ensure long-term success of graduates. Regular activities engaging graduates and current participants serve as powerful, living reminders to men in the program that long-term recovery is real and attainable.


Monday through Friday
8:30 am – 10:00 am

In order to qualify for the Father Alfred Recovery Program, you must be a homeless male, with no source of income with a history of substance abuse. All participants must adhere to total abstinence.


121 Golden Gate Ave (directions)

Father Alfred Recovery Center Intake Location: 121 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco


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