“Nowhere else can you go find a community like this, one that has been forged one meal at a time.”

Dining Room COVID-19 Update: In light of confirmed cases of community-transmitted COVID-19 (coronavirus) in San Francisco, St. Anthony’s is adapting the way we make our services available to the community. Until further notice, there will be no Dining Room meals served indoors. Meals will be distributed from the Dining Room entrance on Jones Street and/or Golden Gate Avenue. Meals will continue to be prepared fresh daily, but will be packaged in to-go containers for guests. Each guest will be limited to one pre-packaged meal.

For additional resources, including food distribution and COVID-19 testing site locations, click here

In San Francisco, one in five adults lacks the resources to provide food for themselves or their families. In the Tenderloin district, that number is as high as one in two. At St. Anthony’s Dining Room, we help to offset this lack of basic sustenance by serving nearly one million hot, sit-down meals every year.

Who We Serve

Many different types of people eat in our Dining Room, such as veterans, seniors, the working poor, homeless and low-income residents, recent immigrants, recent parolees, and the mentally and addictively ill.

How We Serve

Welcoming each guest with dignity and respect is fundamental to the Dining Room’s meal service, and the Dining Room is a community. Whether in a residential hotel room or on the street, 83% of our guests live alone, and the Dining Room is a place to share stories and smiles. We accept any and all people who come through our doors to eat. More than one-third of our guests rely on these meals as their only source of food each day, and many must decide between paying their rent and purchasing medicine before budgeting for food.

This year we will serve more than 2,000,000 pounds of food. 75% of that food is donated or provided free by our community partners. As a model of environmental stewardship, our Dining Room composts or recycles 70% of all program waste.

Who Makes It Possible

Alongside individual volunteers, student, church, and corporate groups volunteer daily. The men in our Father Alfred Center Addiction Recovery Program help to prepare each day’s meals. An outreach team is also present to provide guidance to guests who would benefit from other St. Anthony’s programs and services. In addition to the regular meal service and in collaboration with the San Francisco Food Bank, the Dining Room hosts a weekly food distribution program which provide groceries to hundreds of low-income San Francisco residents and seniors.


10:00am to 11:45am – Open to Seniors (age 60+), and Families with Children 
11:30am to 1:00pm – Open to Anyone

Our Dining Room continues to serve hot, nutritious meals every day, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the fluidity of staffing and shelter in place restrictions, we currently cannot provide the full monthly menu online.


121 Golden Gate Ave (directions)

St. Anthony's Dining Room Location: 121 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco


St. Anthony's Dining Room - Individual Volunteering

Individual Volunteering

We rely on the generosity and commitment of individual volunteers to make the Dining Room a reality. Volunteers help us prep food, load trays with meals, serve our guests, and keep the Dining Room tables clean and cleared after our guests have finished eating. To serve, sign up via our volunteer Shifts Calendar.

St. Anthony's Dining Room - Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering

We welcome groups of volunteers as an essential part of our operations and service. The teamwork and collaboration of group volunteers makes the preparation and serving of millions of pounds of food every year a reality. To organize a group volunteer experience, fill out our online contact form.

St. Anthony's Dining Room - Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

From the City’s largest companies to Series A startups, we build strong relationships with our corporate partners whose volunteering helps us provide services with respect and dignity every day.To organize a corporate volunteer experience, fill out our online contact form.