KTVU Fox 2 visits our ‘back-to-school day’ event

Each year, St. Anthony’s organizes a back-to-school event for low income families in our community. To make sure that kids get to start the new school year with confidence, they receive new backpacks filled with supplies, new shoes, clothes, coats and books. This year, in response to demand, the event ran over two days instead of the usual one day and we were able to help 400 children! We can only do this thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers and community partners.

Watch KTVU’s Rob Roth learn more about the event.

Agosto 16: Miles de niños de familias de bajos recursos de SF asisten al evento del regreso escolar

Las familias del Tenderloin y la organización St. Anthony’s unen sus fuerzas en un evento alentador.

Miles de niños de Kinder K-5 procedentes del Tenderloin de San Francisco se reunirán una vez más durante un espectacular y productivo día:  el miércoles 16 de agosto en St. Anthony’s para recibir ropa, zapatos, mochilas, libros y útiles escolares para este regreso a clases. Muchos de los participantes hablan español como su primer idioma.

Estamos confiados que este colorido evento fijado en el calendario con las familias del barrio y sus niños emocionados por el regreso a clases  será todo un suceso  para empezar el año escolar. Habrá globos, pintura de caras, muchísima alegría  e increíbles historias para compartir a través del día.

Aviso para la asignación de mesas: El evento del regreso a clases será desde la 1:00 PM hasta las 7:15 PM. La ubicación donde se realizará el evento será en 150 Golden Gate Ave (enfrente de la calle donde se encuentra nuestro comedor). El evento es patrocinado por el equipo de voluntarios de  St. Anthony’s y los laboratorios Dolby Inc.

St. Anthony’s fue fundado en 1950. Provee una variedad de servicios como comidas, ropa, servicios médicos, trabajo social, recuperación de adicciones y capacitación de tecnología para las personas de San Francisco  que viven en las calles o de bajos recursos.

Para más información por favor contacte Anthony Singer at 415-278-1843 or Annabel Maw at 805-540-1708.

St. Anthony’s Talks Corporate Partnership with Portfolio Magazine

This month, St. Anthony’s spoke with Emirates Airlines magazine Portfolio about how the tech industry has become an integral part of nonprofits work to address homelessness and poverty in San Francisco. Two of our partners – Zendesk and Optimizely – also speak out on how important helping our guests is to them.

Take a look and let us know what you think at community@stanthonysf.org or @stanthonysf. The article starts on page 66!

Food Donation Partnership Program with SFO

St. Anthony’s is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with SFO (San Francisco International Airport) for a new food donation program, “SFO Unites Against Hunger.” This program works with a web-based organization, Waste No Food, which connects airport vendors with excess food to local nonprofits who can put it to good use.

“St. Anthony’s serves more than 800,000 meals each year to homeless and low income San Franciscans and we can only do that with the support of community partners like SFO and their wonderful team of airport tenants who do such a great job of serving passengers and staff,” said our Corporate Relations Manager, Dolores Gould.

In the first week, we received approximately 250 meals from this program, which benefited homeless and low-income women, children, and men. Our guests are very grateful for the support from our partners at SFO and Waste No Food.

If you’d like to get involved with St. Anthony’s and serve hope to San Franciscans in need, why not volunteer with us?

A new beginning

Leah and Kimberly clearly remember the first time they came to St. Anthony’s Dining Room. It was October 2011 and they needed something to eat. “People kept telling us to ‘go to St. Anthony’s’,” Kimberly says, “but no one would tell us how to find it.”

“A lady from a shelter printed out the directions on how to get here and we’ve been coming ever since.” The ladies met on the streets, having both experienced traumatic family breakdowns, and have supported each other ever since. They describe each other as ‘sisters’, are firm friends, and have been a cheerful and very recognizable fixture of St. Anthony’s since they arrived.

“Here we can come and relax,” says Leah. “The stress just washes away and we don’t have to worry about anything or deal with the craziness.” The Dining Room is not the only place that has been a help over the years. Kimberly obtained fresh sets of clothes from St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program after hers were stolen at a shelter. The food pantry has provided food to take away and, Leah remembers, “social workers helped us get our birth certificates.”

This is the type of help St. Anthony’s social workers are used to providing. Something as simple as obtaining a birth certificate can be extremely difficult for homeless or marginally-housed guests. But, without them, it can be impossible to access other public services.

After five grueling years – in which they have faced significant hardship – Leah and Kimberly have found housing in the Central Valley and are about to take the bus to their new home. They talk excitedly about finally having a permanent place to live but will miss their friends.

What do they like most about St. Anthony’s? Leah says it is the sense of community. “I just love the fact that St. Anthony’s makes everyone feel like part of the family instead of ‘oh, you’re just a number.’”

And, in San Francisco, that can be especially important because, she says, “most of the homeless have it in their heads that they’re just another number and that nobody cares.”

“We tell them that St. Anthony’s cares.”

Stories from our guests: Jeff

8:00 am

“Toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, even when you do get them they’re so hard to hold on to. It might be three or four days before you can find someplace else to get it for free. To be able to go somewhere you can get it on a daily basis would be drastically helpful. When you don’t have it, you don’t have it, and you’re not going to spend all day looking for it.”

12:00 pm

“Hygiene is important.  You’re trying to better your life, you go to a job interview and you haven’t had a shower, and you don’t get the job. You look at that from the employer’s perspective, they don’t want someone who’s dirty. It’s really hard being homeless and being able to find a place to shower every day.”

5:00 pm

“We try to stay around one of the bathrooms that is open 24 hours. A restaurant or something like that. But a lot of people don’t have those choices. And it’s really hard on women. My wife is with me, and her having to go out in the grass to go to the bathroom, it hurts me on the inside. It’s real, real hard on me. And I do the best I can, I just pray it gets better.  Having more public restrooms open 24 hours would be tremendously helpful. I’ve worked these streets, I’ve swept these streets, I worked with City Clean, I know what it’s like.”

Every San Franciscan deserves the ability to properly maintain their personal hygiene. Add your name to our petition.