“Service isn’t only defined by the amount of volunteer hours you do or the percentage of every paycheck you give away, but by the love that you pass on to someone who needs it. ”

Volunteer Program

Our professionally structured program provides volunteers with an empowering and educational experience. Service at St. Anthony's is more than volunteerism, it's an opportunity to connect with the people of the Tenderloin community through shared moments of compassion and the gratification of creating positive change.

With the dedication of 130,000 hours a year, volunteers are what make our work possible. St. Anthony Foundation welcomes more than 10,000 people each year from every sector of the community from students to corporate employees to engage in direct service to the poor and homeless.  We have a wide variety of positions including serving trays to guests in the Dining Room, sorting clothing donations, teaching classes in the Tech Lab, and administrative assistance to name a few.

St. Anthony's has several volunteer programs to meet the specific needs of different types of volunteers. Please select one of the following options: