St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

St. Anthony’s Young Professionals Council (SAYPC)

“By joining SAYPC, I’m an active participant in my community, and am able to get a real understanding of homelessness in San Francisco.”

Living in San Francisco, poverty is something seen first-hand on a daily basis. Witnessing members of our community unsure of where their next meal will come from, lacking access to clean bathrooms, or living in tents on the street is heartbreaking and eye-opening, and we invite you to take action with us. SAYPC is a creative and passionate group with a diverse background that volunteers time and skills to extend the mission of St. Anthony’s and change the conversation around poverty and homelessness.

If you’re passionate about your local community and are craving more involvement, join SAYPC. Writers, designers, developers, advocates, public servants—everyone has a unique background and skill set that will add tremendous value to our group. Apply by submitting your application here.

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Meet the Council

Ali Baird - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Ali Baird

Associate HR Management Partner, VMware (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I’m committed to working toward a healthier, stronger — more equitable — San Francisco for all of our community members.

Mary Bruynell - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Mary Bruynell

Consultant, Bain & Company (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I serve the guests of St. Anthony’s to be a better neighbor. Being a member of Young Professional’s Council (YPC) and a part of St. Anthony’s mission has made me feel more connected to my community.

Katherine Chung  - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Katherine Chung

Sales Strategy & Operations Analyst, Salesforce (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: Serving on the SAYPC allows me to further St. Anthony’s mission to empower and provide resources/support to some of our city’s most vulnerable residents.

Karen Datangel  - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Karen Datangel

Public Relations Assistant, San Francisco Unified School District (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: Why I serve: St. Anthony’s provides essential services to the most vulnerable members of our community in San Francisco. I’m here to help bring awareness to these services among our young professionals community and to encourage them to get involved.

Eliza Oak - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Eliza Oak

Business Development Representative at Yext (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: After volunteering for a year with St. Anthonys, I was constantly inspired by the dignity and grace St. Anthony’s treated our unhoused neighbors. By joining the SAYPC, I hope to find new ways to encourage young professionals in San Francisco to join the fight for affordable housing and provide more resources for our local community.

Lauren Fendel - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Lauren Fendel

Program Manager, YouTube at Google (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Abbie Flis - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Abbie Flis

Portfolio Associate / REDF (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: The wealth disparity in San Francisco is impossible to ignore. I am eager to learn more about sustainable solutions to the housing crisis, and I see SAYPC as a way to make a tangible difference for our unhoused neighbors, help other young San Franciscans engage with their community, and support St. Anthony’s diverse set of programs for vulnerable populations.

Lisa Inoue - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Lisa Inoue

Design Manager / Lambda School (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I serve on the SAYPC because I want to inspire an equitable, inclusive, and community-driven San Francisco.

Alec Kingston - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Alec Kingston

Associate Consultant at Bain & Company (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our vulnerable communities need the support of their neighbors more than ever. St. Anthony’s model focuses on bringing dignity, compassion, and equity to all of our neighbors. As a newer member to the SF Bay Area, I serve on the SAYPC to support St. Anthony’s in this mission and to give back to my new community.

Max Lelu - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Max Lelu

Associate Program Officer / Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: St. Anthony’s is an organization which everyday affirms the individuality and dignity of each person. This organization and the folks who work here represent the best qualities of my hometown, and during this challenging time they have doubled down on their commitment to community. I am grateful I get to support their work via the Young Professionals Council.

Hannah Miller - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Hannah Miller

Policy Associate / Facebook (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I was introduced to St. Anthonys by a former coworker who used to work at St. Anthonys. After attending an event for International Women’s Day, I quickly saw the impact St. Anthonys had on the community and knew I wanted to be a part. I support St. Anthonys commitment to service and treating all members of our city with respect and compassion. I appreciate being able to connect with local residents and work to de-stigmatize homelessness, while supporting those in my local neighborhood. I’m grateful to be a part of SAYPC and feel strongly about our work to connect young professionals with opportunities to build bridges with our local community.

Lili Polastri - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Lili Polastri

Consultant, Beyond Blue Consulting (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I had my first experience serving in the St. Anthony’s Dining Room at a very young age and it’s been near and dear to my heart ever since. Volunteering and joining the SAYPC enables me to be an active participant in my community, and obtain a deeper understanding of the growing issue of homelessness in San Francisco. I have lived in San Francisco for almost a decade, and one of the reasons I love it here is because of places like St. Anthony’s that care deeply about the residents of this city, and treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

Gillian Pressman - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Gillian Pressman

Senior Director of Development, Peer Health Exchange (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: St. Anthony’s brings dignity, compassion, and connection to San Francisco’s most neglected. The downside of San Francisco’s growing cosmopolitanism and global outlook is that we may often ignore our own city’s local struggles and inequities. St. Anthony’s not only provides the highest quality services to local residents, it invests in advocacy, communications, fundraising, and volunteering to engage the broader community in solutions to local poverty. As a newer member of the San Francisco community, I feel called to connect locally and give back. I can’t imagine a better organization to invest in than St. Anthony’s!

Stephen Sih-Choi - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Stephen Sih-Choi

Investment Analyst, Endowment Office at Santa Clara University (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I grew up in the Bay Area and have watched San Francisco develop into the prosperous, technological hub it is today.  As a young professional who has benefited from the uplift our city has seen, I think it is important to give back to those who have not been as fortunate as me.  Through the SAYPC, I hope to foster a sense of community between people of all different backgrounds.

Stephen Sih-Choi - St. Anthony's Young Professionals Council

Anthony Zepponi

Senior Analyst at ICONIQ Capital (LinkedIn)

Why I serve: I, like many others, am extraordinarily fortunate and privileged to be where I am today and received a great deal of support throughout my various endeavors. I feel a sense of duty to extend opportunities to those less fortunate and try to make a difference in my immediate community. Through my volunteer experience with St. Anthony’s and partnership with the YPC, I am confident I can continue to raise awareness and encourage empathy for the challenges facing the Bay Area and beyond.