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Workunit Open Houses: Father Alfred Center

On Wednesday September 19th, St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program and the Father Alfred Center hosted an open house for the other work units of St. Anthony Foundation.   This is to be the first of many such open houses in support of St Anthony’s plan to promote greater cooperation among work units.  The integration that this fosters will in turn lead to greater cross service opportunities for SAF guests.

Development Associate Tessa Williams (when asked about her thoughts of the tour) told me:

“It was great stopping by FAC yesterday. Counseling supervisor Eric Clark took us through all three floors of the house, and we ended our tour in the Dining Room on the top floor, which has a beautiful view of Bernal Hill and downtown SF. Previously I had only been in first floor offices at the Father Alfred Center and the top floor Dining Room for graduation. Getting a full tour of the house made it possible to see how the FAC is really a home for the residents who are living there.”

In talking to other SAF employees I heard that many of them had never had a chance to visit the Father Alfred Center, or had not been here in a long time.  Even Chaplain Sr. Andrea Turbak, who visits our residents frequently, commented “I’ve been over to Father Alfred Center many times.  This was the first time I’ve see the rooms where the guys lay their heads at night.”

Father Alfred Center Staff took turns giving tours of the facility that day.  Administrative Coordinator Raynette Page-Johnson told me,

“People seemed to enjoy touring the facility & asking questions.  I actually had a lot of fun giving tours.”   “It was a wonderful idea to have an open house.  It enables us to get a better idea of what the other work units do as well as meet staff that we don’t see on a daily basis.”

In the kitchen we worked very hard to make sure every inch of stainless steel was shining like new.  Most of the tours came through while dinner was being prepared by the Father Alfred Center Kitchen Crew; and the guys had fun showing off a little.   I also enjoyed the opportunity to show off what we do here at Father Alfred Center to co-workers who don’t often get a chance to see it.  I think the Open House program is a great idea & I’m personally looking forward to touring the other work units in the near future.

Angelo Bottoni is the Kitchen Coordinator at the Father Alfred Center.

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