Individual Volunteering

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Our volunteers tell us that working at St. Anthony’s is easily the most rewarding part of their week. So it’s no surprise that many return again and again. We welcome thousands of volunteers each year and, without their support, our work simply could not continue.

Volunteering here is a great opportunity to connect with our neighbors in the Tenderloin through shared moments of compassion. And, whether you want to help out each month, each week, or simply every so often, you are sure of a warm welcome from our volunteer coordinators who will guide you every step of the way.

Our program is carefully structured and you are never left without support, you are always working as part of a team, and you always know what you are meant to be doing!

What kind of opportunities are available? At St. Anthony’s most of our volunteering involves helping with immediate, day-to-day needs in our dining room, kitchen, and clothing programs. These are easy to sign-up for using an online web account.

We also have ‘specialized’ volunteering positions – these are specific roles where volunteers can use their particular expertise or experience to benefit our guests. Here, you can make an even deeper impact and really become a part of a program.

In our Dining Room volunteers work in a team on our food line – serving food on to trays which are then passed along to the next person in line to add the next course! Volunteers also provide ‘table service’ to seniors, families and people with disabilities and help out with bussing tables. In total 40-50 people each day help here. Dining Room volunteering service runs from 9.15am to 1.45pm.

There are many behind-the-scenes opportunities available in our Prep Kitchen, where our volunteers work to prepare and process food under the supervision of our chefs. Food preparation takes place between 9.00am and 1.00pm.

The Prep Kitchen and Dining Room are open 365 days a year.

At the Free Clothing Program volunteers help sort and hang donated clothing – and help 150 guests each day select correctly-fitting garments that meet their needs. The clothing program is open weekdays between 9.00am and 12.00pm and between 1.00pm and 4.00pm.

We love using our volunteers’ specialist skills where they will make the most impact, so we also have a variety of skilled volunteering opportunities available in our Technology Lab, Social Work Center and Medical Clinic.

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Volunteers must be 15 years of age or older to sign-up for an account. Minors will be asked to obtain parental consent prior to volunteering.

Our minimum age for volunteering is 13. 13-14 year olds must volunteer with an adult. To arrange this ‘family’ volunteering please contact our volunteer coordination team on 415-592-2748 or

It is our belief that St. Anthony’s commitment to San Francisco’s poor and homeless residents would only be of partial service if we did not also use our unique position in the community to educate the broader public on the issues that our clients face. Our Social Justice Education Program offers opportunities to learn more about causes of and solutions to poverty.



serves 2,000-3,000 hot, nutritious meals per day


provides care to more than 4,600 patients through more than 14,000 visits a year


provides digital justice through computer access and education for 105 guests