Stories from our guests: Mirabel & Alex

8:00 am

“I’ve been homeless for about six months. For him it’s been about four.  We’ve been living on the street in a homeless community. I feel safe there because I speak English well and can defend myself, but he says that there are times when he doesn’t feel safe. We try to keep our community clean and our neighbors don’t complain, but it’s hard to do. We don’t have any facilities, especially at night. We do our necessities right on the street and then have to get rid of it. There isn’t much access to trash facilities and when you see a garbage it’s usually full and overflowing, but we do our best.”

12:00 pm

“There’s a clinic at 16th and Capp in the Mission where we are able to take showers.  There are only two showers for about fifteen women and two showers for maybe one hundred men. Sometimes we show up to take a shower and can’t that day. Yeah, it takes a lot of time for us. It takes us from about nine o’clock in the morning ‘til two in the afternoon just to shower and eat if we want to that day.”

5:00 pm

“There’s times where I don’t take a shower because I can’t. On those days I clean with wipes. When I get dressed on those days it doesn’t feel the same; my self-esteem is down. When you don’t take showers you’re not as motivated to do things.  I used to have a job with Costco. I can make it back I think. But it’s hard to get back there when I can’t wash myself and I always feel dirty.”

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