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Fall 2016: A Successful Journey to Sobriety and Stability

  • Taking a Closer Look at a Difficult Problem
  • Guests Get Tech Support from Craigslist Founder
  • Senior Support!
  • Back to School Day at St. Anthony’s

Spring 2016: Another Chance at Life

  • Fully Invested
  • God Draws Straight with Crooked Lines
  • Emergency Winter Shelter
  • Introducing St. Anthony’s New Advocacy Committee

Fall 2015: New Beginnings

  • The other Mother Teresa
  • Young professional finds roots at St. Anthony’s
  • A journey from homelessness to a happy home
  • St. Anthony’s advocacy efforts lead to action

Spring 2015: Training for a New Life

  • Let’s raise SSI recipients out of poverty
  • Volunteer goes the distance
  • A lot has changed at St. Anthony’s
  • Being prepared and pitching in

Fall 2014: Opening the Door to So Much More

  • Timeline for new St. Anthony’s Dining Room
  • Challenging affordable housing
  • Healthcare for all
  • Helping St. Anthony’s for the Holidays

Spring 2014: Zen and the Art of Neighborhood Compassion

  • St. Anthony’s new Dining Room tops off
  • A hands-on approach to job training
  • Senator Feinstein serves 40 millionth meal
  • The voice of the Tenderloin

Fall 2013: Holding Families Together

  • From addicts to activists
  • First responders for food
  • Announcing St. Anthony’s new Executive Director
  • A word from our Executive Director, Barry Stenger

Spring 2013: At the Intersection of Hope and Innovation

  • St. Anthony’s and the future of the Mid-Market District
  • A holistic approach to health
  • Announcing St. Anthony’s new Executive Director
  • Staying clean means staying connected

Fall 2012: Journey from Texas to San Francisco

  • Reaching out in every language
  • St. Anthony’s bridges the digital divide
  • Kids get a boost starting school
  • A season of firsts for the 2012 holidays at St. Anthony’s

Spring 2012: A City Unites to Say Goodbye

  • The Dining Room moves without missing a day
  • A city unites to say goodbye
  • Moving in together helps programs and guests
  • Together we are giant

Fall 2011: The Gift and the Guest

  • The earring lady’s new life awaits
  • St. Anthony’s new Dining Room
  • A gift that everyone can give
  • Our very own healthcare hero

Spring 2011: St. Anthony’s New Dining Room as a Gateway Program

  • Dudley’s journey from isolation to hope
  • Volunteering: A family’s legacy
  • Disaster preparedness at St. Anthony’s
  • Symposium Series

Fall 2010: Celebrating 60 Years of Service

  • A History of Compassion
  • Finding Her Way Home, through Service and Struggle
  • Trauma Transformed through Love and Service
  • A New and Better Network

Spring 2010: Springing Into Service

  • Ryan re-grows his life through recovery, service, and gratitude.
  • Dining Room 2.0 St. Anthony’s historic program adds a few ingredients
  • How do you celebrate your birthday?
  • Craigslist founder shows us how to give “outside of the box.”

Fall 2009: Gateway To Hope

  • Rebuilding a life in the Social Work Center
  • Getting from prison to employment
  • Today’s challenges give us opportunity to relect on our deepest values.
  • What are your special holiday traditions?
  • Giving outside the box

Spring 2009: The Challenges Of Today

  • Our challenges continue. Fr. John Hardin asks us to face them together.
  • Larry confronts his addiction, then the job market.
  • Patricia turns to St. Anthony’s for her family’s health.
  • Food for thought (and survival).
  • A Notre Dame Professor comments on Communities in times of crisis.

Fall 2008: A New Place To Learn

  • Two jobs disappeared from under her, but Eva kept looking for work and learning new skills.
  • Tim’s work on his physical health broke the ground for work on his mental well being.
  • St. Anthony’s new Service Center welcomes more guests and meets new needs.
  • Planned Giving: Helping to Heal the Future

Spring 2008: A Brand New Set Of Tools

  • When Charles and Shirley turned to St. Anthony’s programs for help in getting clean and sober, their business skills blossomed as well.
  • Muhamad found a much needed smile in the St. Anthony Dining Room. Today, he returns the smile and much more as a Dining Room volunteer and as a professional banquet caterer.
  • Years as a nurse did not protect Barbara from poverty. After getting help at St. Anthony’s, this senior woman tells state lawmakers her story.
  • Cultivating the Garden of Health: St. Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic



serves 2,000-3,000 hot, nutritious meals per day


provides care to more than 4,600 patients through more than 14,000 visits a year


provides digital justice through computer access and education for 105 guests







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