Saving Change to Change Lives

Lucky9-year-old Lucky saved his change for a year to give his grandma a special birthday gift. Knowing she’s a long-time St. Anthony’s supporter, he decided to make a donation to us in her honor.

And boy did that change add up. Attached to a handmade card that read “This is for the people with no food or shelter” was a hundred dollar bill.

Lucky’s grandma brought him in to present the gift, so we took him him on a tour to see how his money would go to help those in need: food, clothing, counseling, technology training, medical care, housing assistance, and a whole lot more.

His mom shared that the next day he was still thinking about his trip to the Tenderloin—that is was so wonderful and impactful for him to see how his gift was going to be used.

Happy birthday, Grandma, and a huge thank you to Lucky for saving change to change lives.

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