The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room

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Thanks to your generous gifts, we reached our $22.5 million goal and have opened the door to so much more.

Please click here to read our Campaign Report. We are enormously grateful to all of our New Dining Room Capital Campaign donors.

Four years ago, we set an ambitious goal to raise $22.5 million to build a new Dining Room that will serve more people and change more lives. We were confident that people around the Bay Area (and beyond) would rise to meet this challenge, and you have. Your investment in this campaign has positioned St. Anthony’s to meet the critical needs of low-income San Franciscans for the next century. We are proud to call the Tenderloin home and to celebrate in San Francisco’s world-renowned generosity. THANK YOU, 22.5 million times over!

St. Anthony’s Dining Room is the only free food program in San Francisco open every day of the year, serving an average of 2,700 meals a day to homeless and low-income San Franciscans. Each year, over 10,000 volunteers join our effort to provide hot, nutritious meals in an environment that honors the dignity and respect of each person who comes in the door. After nearly seven decades and over 40 million meals, we outgrew our original space. Check out our video from the Grand Opening of the New St. Anthony’s Dining Room.


(From left to right: 1906, 1950s, 2014)

Our new facility will meet the challenges of the 21st century and the increasing need for our services. There is more space to store more food for longer periods, allowing us to maximize use of large food donations and ensuring our ability to guarantee ample and nutritious meals for our guests.

The new facility also houses our Social Work Center and Free Clothing Program. This alignment is part of our Gateway Strategy that positions the Dining Room as the entry point for our guests to access our programs. Just steps away at 150 Golden Gate Avenue – part of our Tenderloin Campus – guests can access St. Anthony Medical Clinic and receive computer training and job search assistance at the Tenderloin Technology Lab. Our programs work together to help our guests transition to better lives.

The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room is a bridge project between the Tenderloin and the new Mid-Market development. It is an indispensable part of San Francisco’s disaster preparedness plan. In the event of a disaster, St. Anthony’s will be equipped to distribute food and water for the community-at-large, treat people with emergency medical needs, and establish a communications and assistance center. We’re proud to be able to offer critical services to the most underserved communities.

Additionally, we have partnered with Mercy Housing California who are managing 90 units of affordable senior housing on the upper floors. Together, St. Anthony’s and Mercy Housing’s are providing wrap-around services for some of San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents.

Click the image below for a 3D rendering of the New Dining Room at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue & Jones Street:



serves 2,000-3,000 hot, nutritious meals per day


provides care to more than 4,600 patients through more than 14,000 visits a year


provides digital justice through computer access and education for 105 guests







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