Holidays at St. Anthony's


We invite you to reconnect with the most sacred meaning of the holiday season: being a part of a world where we celebrate the inherent dignity of all people. Come volunteer and celebrate with us.


Join us after the holidays! We have specific needs for:
Thurs 1/2/20 (Dining Room & Farmer’s Market), Fri 1/3, Mon 1/6, Wed 1/8, Mon 1/13, Tues 1/14 and Fri 1/20.

To sign up, visit our shifts calendar.

Holiday Curbside

Curbside Donation Drives

What do 2,000 turkeys, Lou Seal, and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir all have in common? They have all volunteered their time and talents during St. Anthony’s Curbside Donation Drives.

Join us this year collecting donations of hams, turkeys, canned pantry food, and much-needed seasonal clothing items alongside other volunteers in front of St. Anthony’s 121 Golden Gate Ave. building. Be prepared for a busy day, rain or shine!

To express interest in volunteering for Curbside, please call our Holiday Volunteering Hotline at: 415-592-2829.

Winter Shelter

Each winter we use the Dining Room to provide an overnight shelter for our guests experiencing homelessness during the coldest and wettest months. Our Winter Shelter shifts accommodate small groups of up to four people and are a great way to work with us after your workday! The shelter is open from early December to the end of March. The shifts will be posted on our shift calendar.

Data Entry Specialist

Our Development department needs volunteer help to accurately record the generous volume of holiday in-kind and monetary donations. For more information, click here.


Our Free Clothing Program serves approximately 150 guests a day in Men’s Service, Family Service, and Women’s Service. It is our goal to distribute the highest quality clothing possible, while ensuring that our guests have a positive and dignified shopping experience. During the holiday season we receive a very high volume of donations. We need volunteers during this time of year to process these donations and distribute them to our guests.

Siphai’s Sleigh

The truck Ride-Along Volunteer will assist our driver, Siphai, to guide his “sleigh” while making Bay Area runs to pick up clothing donations (which are vital to our program that provides guests with high-quality clothing on a daily basis). This volunteer will assist our driver and other St. Anthony’s staff in transporting clothing donations from the donation drive host site onto our truck, and ultimately to our Free Clothing Program, so that they can be sorted, processed, and distributed to guests in the Free Clothing Program store. Please note the Ride-Along Volunteer may not drive St. Anthony’s vehicles at any time. For more information, click here!

Clothing Distribution/Donation Processing

Clothing Distribution/Donation Processing Volunteers help manage our high quantity of holiday donations! You will be trained on the program processes and will be dedicated to retrieving clothes from donation bins, onto racks, and out to our guests by using an effective sorting processes, which ultimately ensures that our guests have access to warm, new and like-new clothing during the holiday season. Note: volunteers who are able to make a weekly commitment of 4 hours per week from now through the end of January are particularly needed. This is a year-round opportunity, to see available Clothing Distribution shifts, click here!

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper Volunteers work directly in our Free Clothing Program store to help guests find sizes, styles and items that fit their needs. Note: volunteers who are able to make a weekly commitment of 4 hours per week from now through the end of January are particularly needed. For more information, click here!


Welcoming each guest with dignity and respect is fundamental to the Dining Room’s meal service, and the Dining Room is a community. Whether in a residential hotel room or on the street, 83% of our guests live alone, and the Dining Room is a place to share stories and smiles. We accept any and all people who come through our doors to eat. More than one-third of our guests rely on these meals as their only source of food each day, and many must decide between paying their rent and purchasing medicine before budgeting for food.

Food Prep

Serving an average of 2,400 trays of food each day, our Dining Room uses hundreds of pounds of produce in a single meal. That is a lot of chopping! During the holiday season we need volunteers every day to help wash fruit, chop vegetable, carve turkeys and hams, etc. (Must be 18 years and older.) To see available Food Prep shifts, click here!

Meal Service

Our Dining Room is open every single day of the year. We need your help through the whole busy holiday season. This is a year round opportunity, to see available Meal Service shifts, click here!