Guests to Voters! Come be a Voter Registration Volunteer.

voter reg

St. Anthony’s works every day with people who can’t vote because they’re not registered.

Why? The registration process itself can be intimidating and confusing – and many homeless guests worry that their lack of a permanent place to live means they can’t vote.

This election season we want to sign-up the entire St. Anthony’s community. We need your help.

Our volunteers will staff voter registration tables in the dining room: answering questions and signing people up to vote using online and paper applications. All volunteers benefit from a short, informative voter registration training that outlines the basics needed to get started.

The registration drive will run each Wednesday and Saturday during our peak hours of 10.30am to 12.30pm. The process is strictly non-partisan – we’re excited to register anyone and everyone who is eligible to vote!

If you’d like to get involved please sign up for our one-time training session by contacting Josh Messick at or registering at the link below.

Volunteers will attend a training and voter registration shifts will be scheduled afterwards.

Sign-Up for  Voter Registration Training


  1. Hello! I would like to learn more about the ‘Voter Registration’, and it’s necessary training. Though when I click on the ‘Sign Up for Voter Registration Training’, it only takes me to my ‘Volunteer Dashboard’. Can you please help me learn more about this opportunity?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Thank you for your interest in helping out!

      When you log into the volunteer portal (, and click “search for open jobs/shifts”, voter registration training is listed in the open shifts. If you have any trouble, contact Joshua Messick at


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