#Friday Feeling: In one word, how does volunteering at St. Anthony’s make you feel?

St. Anthony's on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 in San Francisco, Calif.Happy Friday! In celebration of the upcoming weekend we asked our volunteers to participate in a #FridayFeeling activity. The challenge: In one word, describe how volunteering at St. Anthony’s makes you feel. Here’s what they said:

Blessed, Loved, Valued, Fulfilled, Amazed, Humbled, Grateful, Appreciated, Affected, Moved, Reflective.

We were so excited to hear these powerful responses, and to feel so much love from our volunteers!

Each year, thousands of volunteers come through our doors to serve meals, sort clothes, offer tech training, and more to vulnerable San Franciscans. St. Anthony’s offers a variety of general, skilled, group, and corporate volunteer opportunities in our Dining Room, Free Clothing Program, and Tech Lab.

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