Digital Inclusion Week at St. Anthony’s



St. Anthony’s played it’s part in San Francisco’s Digital Inclusion Week this year with a full program of activities to get our homeless and low income neighbors comfortable with tech.

We repaired our guests’ broken devices and computers, with support from our friends at The Stride Center, fixing and tuning-up tech from phones to desktop towers.


We held ‘Introduction to Smartphone’ classes throughout the day where guests – especially seniors – were able to learn about the basic functions of their devices. Participants received lots of 1:1 attention in a friendly low-key environment – which is essential to becoming comfortable with using new tech.

We also hosted Techtonica – who specialize in getting underserved populations into tech – who delivered introductory classes on Python for guests who already had basic computer skills.

In all 111 of our low income neighbors were helped during the day. The events were run by St. Anthony’s pioneering Tenderloin Tech Lab which provides access to technology, and technology training, year round.


Learn more about how the Tenderloin Tech Lab helps low income San Franciscans by watching this video.



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