A Difference In 30 Days: Our Shelter


Our winter shelter isn’t just a place of refuge in adverse weather conditions, it’s also an opportunity to move towards greater stability. In the first 30 days our shelter was open, 259 people stayed with us overnight who otherwise would have been out on the streets.

Our shelter is designed to increase stability for those we serve as we have on-site social workers, medical clinic staff, clean clothing, hot meals, and availability to showers via our partnership with Lava Mae. With these added services, we’ve seen our guests take first steps towards stability.

Check out the statistics we’ve gathered and learn about how our shelter is helping homeless San Franciscans reach stability.

Our shelter statistics in the first 30 days:

  • 1/3 have had difficulty getting enough food
  • 1/3 have been to the emergency room in the last three months
  • 1/4 have been homeless for 3 or more years
  • 1/5 are seniors

Since staying at the shelter:

  • 82% of shelter guests reported using our dining room
  • 21 guests have engaged with a Social Worker in the shelter
  • 28 guests have newly enrolled in other St. Anthony’s programs

Help us help others by ensuring that they have a place to stay until the rain is over. Through your generosity, people will have a warm, safe place to stay. Please consider a gift today for this cause.