Data Served Daily: Dining Room Survey Results

Dining Room SurveyA new survey of our guests has shown that they are significantly older, more isolated, more frequently homeless, and more likely to be female than in previous years:

The proportion of female guests has risen to 26% (from 12% in 2011), the share of seniors has risen to 33% (from 20%), and 46% of guests are homeless (up from 37%).

Our new Dining Room was designed to be a safe, clean place where guests can eat, relax and chat with our community. The results suggest we’ve achieved our goal: 97% say our Dining Room is a warm and welcoming environment.

This data allows us to understand in more detail what’s happening in our community. We’ll use it to better meet our guests’ needs in the present and adjust our services to plan for the future.

Check out the full results here.

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