“We are deeply impressed with the work of St. Anthony’s and are proud to share a block with such good neighbors.” – partner organization

St. Anthony’s Client Safety Services (CSS) team is trained in a different way of securing our beloved neighborhood: from personal experience, many CSS team members better understand the community we serve than most, and can de-escalate a situation with grace and compassion. CSS maintains safety in and around St. Anthony’s programs, on the sidewalks and in the street, handing out meal tickets, giving directions, and sometimes literally saving lives in the event of violence, overdose, accident, or medical emergency.

Beyond Our Block

CSS provides their services to other nonprofit organizations throughout the Tenderloin, in addition to maintaining a presence in all of St. Anthony’s programs. St. Anthony’s is exploring the possibility of offering CSS-led safety trainings to other organizations, as well as expanding the placement of CSS in paid positions at nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, or wherever else they are needed. Organizations interested in CSS on their premises or in CSS-led safety training, please contact Wayne Garnett at

Community Safety Services

Our CSS team members are an alternative to traditional security models because they are trusted by the community, and knowledgeable about the neighborhood. They take the time to form relationships with residents, store owners, staff, guests, volunteers, and visitors so they are trusted and welcomed. CSS demonstrates compassion, patience, and respect every day at St. Anthony’s.

St. Anthony's Client Safety Services
St. Anthony's Client Safety Services
St. Anthony's Client Safety Services