St. Anthony’s 67th Birthday! ?

Today marks St. Anthony’s 67th birthday! Founded in 1950 by Franciscan friar, Fr. Alfred Boeddeker, St. Anthony’s has been providing essential support to San Franciscans living in poverty.

Every day, with dignity and respect, we offer thousands of the most vulnerable among us the basics we all need to feel human: a hot meal, fresh clothing, an opportunity to connect with the world.

Watch a short clip about Fr. Alfred below.

Interested in learning more about St. Anthony’s? Check out a video on our iconic Dining Room or sign up for a volunteer shift.

A Digital Bridge


San Francisco has never been more connected. But even as public and private Wi-Fi access accelerates throughout the City, The Tenderloin neighborhood remains an island of digital isolation.

We’re transforming our area by installing high-capacity public Wi-Fi and secure public charging stations. These will have an immediate and sustained impact on our neighbors’ lives: helping them keep in touch, seek work and make appointments. Access to these things help lift people out of poverty and put them on a path to stability. Most of us take them for granted.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has pledged to match all donations we receive up to $25,000. Will you help us reach our target so we can act decisively to keep our community in touch? Click here to donate today.

St. Anthony’s Dining Room: Weaving a Community Together


When I first visited St. Anthony’s, I immediately felt that it was communal environment. During lunch, I ate with the guests at the hall. Laughing and talking with them, I heard stories about San Francisco in the 60’s, when peace signs and tie-dye shirts were the fad, and a wild road trip from Colorado to California. When I returned back to my school to continue with the retreat, I knew I would never forget my St. Anthony’s experience.

Having a passion for filmmaking, I stumbled upon the White House Student Film Competition. I saw that the topic was about the Impact of Giving Back and I knew that St. Anthony’s would be the perfect topic. I headed down to the Dining Hall with my camera and was inspired by the different people I met, guests, staff, and volunteers.

I made this film not only for the competition, but to showcase all the different stories that make St. Anthony’s the special place that it is. I wanted to be able to document what I saw, a community and a family.

St. Ignatius student, Elizabeth Leong, shares her experience of volunteering in our Dining Room through a beautifully constructed video she created for a competition at the White House. Good luck, Elizabeth, and thank you for sharing! 

More Kids Coming To St. Anthony’s This Summer

St. Anthony Free Medical Clinic provides the only free pediatrics care in the Tenderloin. Nearly one in four of our young patients are overweight, and many struggle with high blood pressure. Infant immunizations, developmental evaluations and diet and nutrition counseling put families on track with the preventative and routine check-ups needed to ensure healthy futures for their children.

There is a 33% increase in children needing vaccinations and check-ups so they can attend school in the fall. St. Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic has the only free Pediatric care in the Tenderloin. Your donation today can help bridge the gap for the 1500 children that are visiting St. Anthony’s this summer.