“The Great Activity of Our Life is to Love.”

Yesterday marked what would have been the 113th birthday of our founder, Fr. Alfred Boeddeker.

Fr. Al taught us that “the great activity of our life is to love,” so our chefs poured their hearts into an extra special meal to honor his memory: 2,600 orders of grilled steak, salad, and garlic fries for our guests.

Get a glimpse of the man who started “The Miracle of Jones Street” in this 1954 documentary footage.

42 Million Meals Served Since 1950

42 million mealsToday marks a major milestone for St. Anthony’s: 42 million meals served with dignity & respect in our Dining Room.

We like to say that the measure of a great city is how it treats its most vulnerable residents. Thank you, San Francisco, for supporting us through 65 years of hope served daily.

“St. Anthony’s makes me feel like someone loves me. That someone cares. Out here that’s very hard to find. It’s a family—and I always come home to family.”

Check out ABC 7’s coverage here.

Saving Change to Change Lives

Lucky9-year-old Lucky saved his change for a year to give his grandma a special birthday gift. Knowing she’s a long-time St. Anthony’s supporter, he decided to make a donation to us in her honor.

And boy did that change add up. Attached to a handmade card that read “This is for the people with no food or shelter” was a hundred dollar bill.

Lucky’s grandma brought him in to present the gift, so we took him him on a tour to see how his money would go to help those in need: food, clothing, counseling, technology training, medical care, housing assistance, and a whole lot more.

His mom shared that the next day he was still thinking about his trip to the Tenderloin—that is was so wonderful and impactful for him to see how his gift was going to be used.

Happy birthday, Grandma, and a huge thank you to Lucky for saving change to change lives.

“God Draws with Crooked Lines”

Article 2 - Fr. John Laughing

Each year St. Anthony’s celebrates our founder, Father (Fr.) Alfred Boeddeker, by giving an award in his name to those who carry out his mission to “feed, heal, shelter, clothe, and lift the hearts of those in need.”

This year, the award will honor Fr. John Hardin, OFM, a man who followed Fr. Alfred by becoming a Franciscan and by serving hope daily at St. Anthony’s.

As Executive Director, Fr. John helped reshape St. Anthony’s programs to fit changing needs in a changing economy. He helped prepare the organization for the demands of the 21st century by replacing our deteriorated original building with two new, more efficient ones. He has been noted for connecting emotionally with our guests, and for his Franciscan qualities of personalism and joy. read more…

Fully Invested

Article 2 - PriyaPriya, a dedicated volunteer in our Dining Room, is also a professional economist. When she arrived in the US in the spring of 2014 she was shocked by the poverty and inequity she witnessed in San Francisco: “You can’t NOT see it!” Within two months of her arrival, Priya began volunteering at St. Anthony’s. In addition to the Dining Room, she’s also volunteered in our Free Clothing Program, at our annual Curbside Donation Drives, and most recently—in our Emergency Winter Shelter.

Indeed, how can anyone not see how people are struggling to survive? Nevertheless, a painfully obvious poverty is too often ignored or viewed as an eyesore to be swept away. Priya has a website dedicated to revealing “the Hidden America”, but “there’s only so much one can do by reading and writing. You need to get out and meet people.” And therein lies the hope. read more…

Super Bowl Kicks Off with Smiles at St. Anthony’s

Larry & OrrinSuper Bowl Sunday kicked off with smiles at St. Anthony’s. Thanks to a generous donor, homeless veterans Orrin and Larry—one ex-Army, the other ex-Marines—headed to the big game with full VIP access, riding in style with a car service from the Tenderloin to Levi’s Stadium.

This effort was made possible thanks to the generous efforts of our Dining Room volunteer John Fitzgerald, who found our veterans; PrimeSport, who provided VIP passes; David Raih, a coach for the Green Bay Packers; and Chris Raih of Zambezi who brought it all together.

Cheers to Orrin and Larry’s super Sunday—let us work to make the rest of the year feel just as special for our underserved and overlooked brothers and sisters.