Eggnog Mashed Potatoes

St. Anthony's Eggnog Mashed Potatoes

The guests in St. Anthony’s Dining Room inspire us daily. Faced with struggles, they display resiliency and versatility.

In that same spirit, we share this recipe — and the story behind it. Our chefs were preparing mashed potatoes one day, when they ran out of milk. Searching the pantry for a suitable substitute, they were delighted to discover gallons of donated eggnog that they immediately put to good use.

The joy of the holidays comes from being together. Around your dining room table and ours, people sit side-by-side to share warm, comforting dishes like this one — lifting the spirits of all.

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Chef Pepe’s Chili

Chef Pepe's Chili - St. Anthony's Dining Room Recipe

It’s a joy for us to share this recipe for our Chef Pepe’s Chili. Hearty, filling, warming, and tasty, recipes like this have been served by us for decades and adapted in endless variations by Chef Pepe himself. Our Dining Room recipes are more than meals, they set the table for community and connection, and are sometimes the first step to making a lasting difference for San Francisco’s poorest and most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

When St. Anthony’s Dining Room prepares this recipe for thousands of hungry guests, we use 300 pounds of beans and 600 pounds of meat for a single day of serving. This version has been modified by a St. Anthony’s staff member, who carefully sourced the ingredients locally and scaled the recipe for the home cook. Prepared with care, intention, and love, she then photographed this lovely dish to share with all of you. We hope you try this recipe at home and share it with those you love and care for.

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From our Dining Room to your Dinner Party: No-bake Shepherd’s Pie

Every day (365 days a year), we serve Charapproximately 2,700 hot, nutritious meals to people in need in our bright and spacious Dining Room. But these aren’t your average mass-produced cafeteria meals. These meals are carefully planned ahead of time to utilize the food donations we receive along with the inventory we order to cook a quality menu for our guests. This menu is planned a month in advance, which works well not only for internal planning purposes, but also allows for our guests to see what’s being served ahead of time.

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