Setting the Table in the New St. Anthony’s Dining Room – October 2, 2014

For 64 years, San Franciscans have come together to serve over 40 million meals at St. Anthony’s. On October 2nd, 200 more came through our doors to help move the most essential elements of Dining Room service—the fork and tray—from our temporary space into our brand new Dining Room across the street.

A human chain stretched down Golden Gate Avenue—school groups, corporate employees, guests, staff, friars and friends—and within an hour we set the table and prepared the new St. Anthony’s to open its doors.


The New St. Anthony’s Scavenger Hunt

It’s The New St. Anthony’s Scavenger Hunt:

Ads for the Grand Opening of the New St. Anthony’s are popping up all over town: buses, light poles, billboards, Muni & BART stations, and newspapers. Shyla, Eunice, and Karl found this one at Civic Center.

Snap a photo of yourself with one of our ads, email it to with the subject “Scavenger Hunt”, and open the door to winning a very Grand prize.

We hope to see you on October 4th for the big day!


Honoring the Workers of the New St. Anthony’s Dining Room

The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room is rising on the corner of Golden Gate and Jones. Often when we talk about this amazing building going up, we focus on how our generous donors are making it happen, and they are.

But to be true to our Franciscan roots, we must also honor the actual workers who are building the forms and pouring the concrete. We did just that last week when we served lunch to all the workers on the site. That’s what we do—we serve meals to thousands of people every day. So we carried trays of food to the 40 workers who sat at tables temporarily set up on the newly poured floor of what will be the future Dining Room. We thanked them for their work and prayed for their safety.

Barry Stenger is the Executive Director of St. Anthony Foundation

Clearing the Way for a New St. Anthony’s

Last week, a construction crew from Nibbi Brothers General Contractors demolished the final walls of our original Dining Room (view photos HERE).  This bittersweet moment marked a critical juncture for St. Anthony’s as we honor the legacy of our past and look towards the future.

Earlier this year, we asked people around the Bay Area to help build The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room. As of today, we’ve raised over 86% of the funds necessary to break ground.

If you have not joined us in this once-in-a-lifetime project, now is the time to act. We hope to raise the final 3 million dollars by the early months of 2013 and clear the way for a new St. Anthony’s.

Donate here to feed the future and be part of the Dining Room San Francisco built .

Now is When: A New St. Anthony’s Dining Room

You have heard of our boundless hope here at St. Anthony’s. This hope is real—so real that we’ve moved our original Dining Room to an interim location, and we’re preparing to tear down the old building to make way for a new one. It’s all about hope. Many generous donors have already stepped up and supported this $22 million effort, yet we still have about $4.5 million to raise.

We are now turning to our regular donors and the general public to finish off this campaign. We need you to join us now and be part of the miracle–one that that began with Fr. Alfred Boeddeker in 1950. Today, we face the challenge of keeping that miracle alive by building a new St. Anthony’s for the next 60 years. Construction starts this summer, so there’s no putting things off. If you support our work with a regular gift to St. Anthony’s, please consider making an additional gift for this once-in-a-lifetime project.

We’re Going Public!

…in asking for your support to build The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room.  Now is the time to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. St. Anthony’s has stood firm as a safe place during turbulent times.  As we near our goal to begin construction in the summer of 2012, we turn to you, our faithful supporters, to stand firm with St. Anthony’s.

Our Dining Room has survived seven recessions, remained steadfastly on the right side of history during the civil rights era and the AIDS epidemic, and managed to stay open during the 1989 earthquake.  St. Francis, the namesake of our fair city, once said, “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Help us make what’s necessary possible and Be a Part of the Miracle.  Click here to find out ways you can help Hope Grow and make The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room a reality.