Grand Opening Of The New St. Anthony’s – October 4, 2014

“October 4th, St. Anthony Foundation took a bold step into the future. We opened the doors to more meals, more help for those in need, and more hope.

By raising up this building, we’re saying that there’s a place in this city for those who are poor. This building is our flag in the ground. It tells those who may be wavering that yes, we are a great city. We’re not a suburban enclave, we’re not a ghetto, we’re not a gated community. We are a truly diverse city with room for all. This place is a symbol. A symbol of a city with a big heart. A city with a vision.”

—Barry Stenger, Executive Director

Thank you, San Francisco, for coming together to celebrate our 64th birthday and the Grand Opening of the new St. Anthony’s.

Check out our video from the big day here:

Setting the Table in the New St. Anthony’s Dining Room – October 2, 2014

For 64 years, San Franciscans have come together to serve over 40 million meals at St. Anthony’s. On October 2nd, 200 more came through our doors to help move the most essential elements of Dining Room service—the fork and tray—from our temporary space into our brand new Dining Room across the street.

A human chain stretched down Golden Gate Avenue—school groups, corporate employees, guests, staff, friars and friends—and within an hour we set the table and prepared the new St. Anthony’s to open its doors.