St. Anthony’s Period Product Drive



All women deserve access to basic menstrual hygiene products, period. Yet many women in our community cannot afford these critical items. You can help change that. Take action and help us reach our goal!

   • Shop: Pick-up an extra pack next time you’re at the store for someone in need.
   • Order: Buy products and ship directly to St. Anthony’s. Check out our Amazon Wish List.
   • Host a Drive: Engage your community to collect products or raise money for the effort.

Give It

Drop-off or mail donations:

         ATTN: The Period Project
         St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program
         121 Golden Gate Ave
         San Francisco, CA 94102

Share It

Spread the word! Involve others through social media with photos of your community and the donations you collected. Use our hashtags to join the conversation!

#ThePeriodProject #InternationalWomensDay #HopeServedDaily

For more information, call 415-592-2826.

4th Annual Tsanitary Tsunami Drive


Take a moment—consider what your life would be like without hygiene products. Unimaginable! Believe it or not, many homeless and low-income women in our community do not have access to feminine hygiene products. These items are requested at food pantries and shelters, yet organizations often do not have enough in stock.

All women deserve access to basic feminine hygiene items, period. You can help!

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Back to School Day 2016

St. Anthony's Back to School Day 2015-3The first day of school is fast approaching and for many families this means a shopping trip to get a new backpack, school supplies and a fresh new set of clothing.

However, for many families in the San Francisco community, especially those that visit St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program, these shopping trips are simply not a financial reality. According to data from 2014, 81 percent of the families that utilize the services at our Free Clothing Program live at or below the federal poverty line, and the average monthly income for families that utilize these services is $1,441.20. When a family has to pay for rent, medical costs, food, and other bills, it doesn’t leave much behind in the budget to spend on getting the essentials for school. Therefore, we see a lot of families using our Free Clothing Program during this time of year.

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Salesforce Helps our Guests Dress for Success

Salesforce BlogSay you have a job interview, but no clothing that is suitable.  What can you do?  You might visit St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program. There you would find shirts, pants, suits, jackets and all the things you need to look sharp for that big interview.

All donations at St. Anthony’s are carefully quality-checked to ensure that the garments you receive will make you look and feel your best. But what if your only dress shirt had a spot on the arm and you had no choice but to wear it? You might try to cover the spot up with a jacket, or hold an arm in front of it and hope the interviewer wouldn’t notice. Would you feel somehow less confident, less on par with the other applicants? Would thinking about hiding that spot prevent you from selling yourself—from being self-confident?

Twice a month, new employees from Salesforce come to volunteer at our clothing program and they are asked this very question. Having just gone through the interview process, they all agree that having clothing that it is somehow “less than” other candidates would hamper their ability to interview successfully.

Salesforce volunteers work tirelessly in our Free Clothing Program sorting and organizing donations. We depend on their hard work and team spirit to provide quality clothing to our guests. We were delighted to receive 5 large boxes of nearly 500 crisp new dress shirts, along with stylish work bags. A huge thank you to Salesforce volunteers who understand the power a new white shirt has to change lives.

Saving Change to Change Lives

Lucky9-year-old Lucky saved his change for a year to give his grandma a special birthday gift. Knowing she’s a long-time St. Anthony’s supporter, he decided to make a donation to us in her honor.

And boy did that change add up. Attached to a handmade card that read “This is for the people with no food or shelter” was a hundred dollar bill.

Lucky’s grandma brought him in to present the gift, so we took him him on a tour to see how his money would go to help those in need: food, clothing, counseling, technology training, medical care, housing assistance, and a whole lot more.

His mom shared that the next day he was still thinking about his trip to the Tenderloin—that is was so wonderful and impactful for him to see how his gift was going to be used.

Happy birthday, Grandma, and a huge thank you to Lucky for saving change to change lives.

A Digital Bridge


San Francisco has never been more connected. But even as public and private Wi-Fi access accelerates throughout the City, The Tenderloin neighborhood remains an island of digital isolation.

We’re transforming our area by installing high-capacity public Wi-Fi and secure public charging stations. These will have an immediate and sustained impact on our neighbors’ lives: helping them keep in touch, seek work and make appointments. Access to these things help lift people out of poverty and put them on a path to stability. Most of us take them for granted.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has pledged to match all donations we receive up to $25,000. Will you help us reach our target so we can act decisively to keep our community in touch? Click here to donate today.