Back-to-School Day!

Back-to-school 2The first day of school is fast approaching and for many families this means a shopping trip to get a new backpack, school supplies and a fresh new set of clothing. However for many families in San Francisco, especially those that visit St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program, these shopping trips are simply not a financial reality. 81 percent of the families that utilize the services at our Free Clothing Program live at or below the federal poverty line, and the average monthly income for families that utilize these services is $1,441.20. When a family has to pay for rent, medical costs, food, and other bills, it doesn’t leave much behind in the budget to spend on getting the essentials for school. Therefore, we see a lot of families using our Free Clothing Program during this time of year.

On Friday, August 7th, we will be hosting the 4th annual Back to School event. Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners Dolby and McKesson along with nonprofit organizations My New Red Shoes, WaBack-to-school 1rm Winters and Read Indeed, our Free Clothing Program will be able to provide 200 children with a new backpack filled with school supplies and books, a personalized pair of shoes, a $50 gift card to Old Navy, and new sets of clothing to get them prepared and ready for the first day of school and beyond!

St. Anthony’s is committed to making sure that even our smallest guests have the essentials that they need in order to be able to progress towards realizing their hopes and dreams. A quality education provides a pathway for students to realize their maximum potential and achieve stability. In partnership with our generous donors, corporate partners and other nonprofit organizations, St. Anthony’s is pleased to be a part of making sure students have what they need to thrive in school.


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