Salesforce Helps our Guests Dress for Success

Salesforce BlogSay you have a job interview, but no clothing that is suitable.  What can you do?  You might visit St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program. There you would find shirts, pants, suits, jackets and all the things you need to look sharp for that big interview.

All donations at St. Anthony’s are carefully quality-checked to ensure that the garments you receive will make you look and feel your best. But what if your only dress shirt had a spot on the arm and you had no choice but to wear it? You might try to cover the spot up with a jacket, or hold an arm in front of it and hope the interviewer wouldn’t notice. Would you feel somehow less confident, less on par with the other applicants? Would thinking about hiding that spot prevent you from selling yourself—from being self-confident?

Twice a month, new employees from Salesforce come to volunteer at our clothing program and they are asked this very question. Having just gone through the interview process, they all agree that having clothing that it is somehow “less than” other candidates would hamper their ability to interview successfully.

Salesforce volunteers work tirelessly in our Free Clothing Program sorting and organizing donations. We depend on their hard work and team spirit to provide quality clothing to our guests. We were delighted to receive 5 large boxes of nearly 500 crisp new dress shirts, along with stylish work bags. A huge thank you to Salesforce volunteers who understand the power a new white shirt has to change lives.

Inspiring Success: From One Closet to Another

Women's Day 2Every day we’re besieged by media reports of suffering around the world, and even a short walk down a San Francisco street will bring pleas to support this or that cause. Here is a simple way to help women that makes a big impact.

Your women’s suits, jackets, skirts, pants, blouses, & accessories can give another woman the confidence to go out into the working world and land the job that could change her life. 

Imagine having the skills you need for a job, but not the outfit. Whether you are a single mother worried about a hungry child, a survivor of domestic violence, or just having trouble making rent, buying business-appropriate clothing isn’t a priority—it’s a luxury. And beyond just appearance, without education and a peer network of other successful professionals, some women have no way to learn about interview etiquette. read more…

On The Menu

This week’s menu provides Dining Room guests with exactly what they’ve come to expect from St. Anthony’s ever creative Executive Chef, Michael Perry. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Perry employs a “home cooking” model in the Dining Room kitchen, where he and a team of trained cooks are known to combine a variety of delicious flavors and ingredients. The food served at St. Anthony is fresh and local, a huge step up from the USDA pre-packaged food our guests are subjected to elsewhere. The meat and produce are seasonal and delivered from the SF Food Bank and other local venders. Executive Chef Perry’s culinary expertise and experience allowed the Dining Room to serve better tasting, more nutritious food while lowering the program’s food costs. Culinary creations this week range from classic corned beef and potatoes to pomegranate chicken with North African spices. Monday’s tasty salt-cured beef, more commonly known as “corned” beef, will be served with locally grown, golden-brown baked potatoes. The star of Tuesday’s dish is Orzo, an Italian style rice made from hard wheat, that  will be served with various Italian ingredients. At the end of the week, guests will enjoy dishes with ingredients like pomegranates, pasta, and peppers.

May 18 Baked Potatoes and Corned Beef: served with vegetables

May 19 Chicken, Orzo, and Feta: seasoned with basil and olive oil

May 20 Pork Smothered in Onions: marinated with caramelized onions

May 21 Hoisin Beef: served with fresh vegetables and rice

May 22 Pomegranate Chicken: with lemon and North African spices

May 23 Pasta Marinara: spaghetti and tomato vegetable sauce

May 24 Beef w/Green Peppers: flavored with chili sauce, and served w/rice and veggies

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On The Menu

St. Anthony Foundation was proud to be in the magazine California Home & Design for its new green building at 150 Golden Gate. After years in a crumbling brick building across the street, this LEED-Gold certified building has allowed St. Anthony to show its environmental stewardship. May is already underway with two celebrations this week–namely, Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day. Tacos, a traditional Mexican dish, will be served on the fifth, and hopefully Sunday’s Rosemary Lemon Chicken will please all the mothers who dine at St. Anthony. Looking forward to a wonderful menu this week with fresh local vegetables and a variety of delicious meat dishes.

May 4 Barbequed Pork: served with baked beans

May 5 Cinco De Mayo Soft Tacos: Chicken, beans, rice, and salsa

May 6 Black Bean Chili w/Ham: served with cornbread

May 7 Baked Chicken: with a herb and cheese crust

May 8 Chef’s Choice

May 9 Saigon Sandwich: Vietnamese style turkey sandwiches with Asian vegetable salad

May 10 Mother’s Day Lemon Rosemary Pork: braised in a lemon rosemary sauce

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On The Menu

After a very Green Earth Day at St. Anthony’s Dining room, guests will be feasting on local vegetables from small family farms and delicious meat prepared in a variety of ways. As April comes to a close the foundation prepares for Hunger Action Day, which is held in Sacramento, with anti-hunger advocacy training at St. Anthony on May 13th, the actual event will take place on May 20th. In addition to those events there are thousands of guests that rely on St. Anthony every single day for a hearty meal. The menu this week is nutritional as always and includes some delicious local ingredients. Artichokes for example, used in Monday’s Mediterranean pasta, can be boiled or even put in the microwave for 8 minutes, and are simply delightful with just mayonnaise or melted butter.

April 27 Spring Mediterranean Pasta: with artichokes, tomatoes, and olives

April 28 Red Beans w/ Ham & Rice: served with slow cooked greens

April 29 Posole: turkey and hominy simmered in green chili sauce

April 30 Chef’s Choice

May 1 Thai Chicken w/Peanuts: with fresh vegetables and rice

May 2 New York Strip Steak w/Shallot Sauce: Greek salad and mashed potatoes

May 3 Artichoke & Chicken Frittata: vegetables, chicken and cheese baked with eggs

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