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Donate Clothing | “The Tenderloin is a community, overflowing with people, but also love, compassion, kindness, optimism, hope, and beauty. It is a place of hardship, but from that hardship has grown strong, passionate people.”

Donate Clothing

Donations of clean, like-new clothing make this program possible. We welcome your individual donations. Please also consider sponsoring your own clothing drive. Click here for a guide and materials to make your clothing drive a success.

Donations may be dropped off at 101 8th Street, at the corner of Mission Street, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Please pull into the parking lot, come to the door and ring the bell for assistance.

Pickup service is available for donations of five bags or more within city limits. Please call (415) 592-2826 for more information.

Please take a moment to fill out a brief survey that will help us better serve our guests.

Items We Need

We need clothing for men, women, and children — from hats to shoes and everything in between:

Socks, Shoes
Winter coats

We receive fewer donations of men’s and boys’ clothing, which are always in high demand for our guests. Should you be contributing men’s or boys’ clothing, it would be a great help to have these items separated out beforehand so that we know when these items are coming and can ensure they are efficiently distributed.

We also need these items:

Shopping bags – with handles
Blankets, comforters, sleeping bags
Luggage, bags, backpacks
Toiletries – new only, please
Towels, washcloths
Stuffed animals – good condition only
Children’s toys – new only, please
Strollers – in good condition
Canes – not crutches, walkers, wheelchairs
Non-expired over-the-counter medication for our Clinic

Items We Cannot Accept

Empty clothes hangers
Knick knacks
Used toys
Children’s car seats
Medical equipment
Dirty, stained or torn items
Books and magazines
Exercise/sports equipment
Computers, electronics



15,000 people, including women and children, live on the street and in shelters, and thousands more use free food programs to stretch budgets that don’t quite cover food, clothing, medical expenses, and San Francisco rents.

12,000 families and individuals live in rooms without kitchens in San Francisco.

3,000 meals served daily at St. Anthony’s Dining Room. Every year, more people turn to St. Anthony’s for help.

100 years ago, the original St. Anthony’s Dining Room was built to be used as an auto repair shop. While the need increases, the building and equipment get older. Old equipment and an obsolete building design restrict and slow down service.

40% of all the free meals served in San Francisco are served by St. Anthony’s.

1 dining room in San Francisco serves free meals every day of the year--the Dining Room at St. Anthony’s.



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